November 18, 2020

Hollywood Socialists – Whole Foods

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Hollywood Socialism

Hollywood is now obsessing about increasing ethnic and gender diversity. Good. There’s been nasty racial and gender discrimination in the movie business.
Unfortunately, Hollywood has no interest in one type of diversity: diversity of thought.
In most every movie, capitalism is evil.
Greedy miners want to kill nature-loving aliens in “Avatar.” Director James Cameron says: “The mining company boss will be the villain again in several sequels. … Same guy. Same mother—-er through all four movies.”
One reviewer calls a scene in the recent “Star Wars” movie “a beautiful critique of unregulated capitalism.”

Lifestyles of the rich and socialist: American celebs who blast capitalism while making millions

Socialism is all about equality. But you might not know that from the fancy lifestyles of America’s most outspoken democratic socialists.
Here is a list of some well-known Americans who espouse socialist views while sitting on substantial wealth:
1) Michael Moore (Net worth estimate: $50 million)
Michael Moore, a multimillionaire celebrity, made a 2009 movie that concludes with: “Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil.”

Banning Of Poppies At Whole Foods Slammed By Canadian Politicians

After backlash from Canadians and politicians, U.S.-based Whole Foods has backtracked and will now allow employees to wear poppies at work.

Canada’s Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence MacAulay confirmed the change on Twitter, saying he was glad to hear the company changed course.

My statement on poppies at @WholeFoods:
— Lawrence MacAulay (@L_MacAulay) November 6, 2020

The Whole Foods uniform is an apron, coat or vest, along with a hat and name badge.

Carbon tax costs hit families most, PBO reveals

What is the point of the federal carbon pricing scheme? Or, more to the point, what does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claim is the point of his beloved carbon tax?

“We’re making big polluters pay, and giving the money right back to Canadians.” Those are the exact words from a social media post by the PM from the other week. He’s repeated this line almost verbatim many times before and there’s good reason to believe he will again.

Trudeau’s second carbon tax coming at worst possible time

Whenever Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to solve a problem, his solution can’t be to hit families and businesses struggling to get by with even more costs. Yet, that’s exactly the approach Trudeau is taking with his second carbon tax.

As Postmedia columnist John Ivison reported, the Trudeau government is getting ready to introduce a second carbon tax through a regulatory regime called the clean fuel standard, which will “require all supplies of fossil fuel to reduce carbon content.” If companies can’t meet the fuel requirement, they’ll have to pay a whopping $350 per tonne carbon tax.

This is an under-the-radar reversal.

Believe the Eyes Not the Liars – President Trump Destroyed Joe Biden – Trump Will Prevail

Believe your eyes – not the liars – the truth cannot be broken.

Big Tech, Big Media and the Democrats want you to believe that corrupt and senile and old Joe Biden beat President Trump in the 2020 election. This is a lie.

President Trump entertained 1.1 Million since Labor Day to Joe Biden’s less than 2,000 supporters at events:

On Monday October 26, just 8 days from the election, @realDonaldTrump held 4 events in front of 54,000 people, Joe Biden held 1 event in front of 10 people …@gatewaypundit @DonaldJTrumpJr

“This Felt Like a Drug Deal!”

Asian-American Ballot Observer in Detroit Describes Mysterious Van Dropping Off 61 Boxes of Ballots at 4 AM

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