April 8, 2019

Kenny Talks Separation – Quebec and Equalization Money

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Jason Kenney outlines ‘fair deal’ and warns Ottawa of Alberta separatist sentiment

Jason Kenney warned Ottawa that one reason he’s fighting hard for a “fair deal” and promising a potential referendum is because separatist sentiment in Alberta could be capitalized on in the future.

The United Conservative leader said he’d never get behind separation, and that he’s fighting for Alberta in a “united Canada,” but, in Red Deer on Saturday, he reiterated that he’d give Albertans an equalization referendum vote in 2021 if a pipeline to tidewater isn’t built.


The new Alberta alienation: Resenting East and West

‘We need way more people to put on their Canada pants,’ says Canada West Foundation president

There was a popular joke on the playgrounds of Alberta elementary schools back in the early 1980s.

“Hey, do you know what Petro-Canada means?” a kid would ask.

“Pierre Elliot Trudeau rips off Canada,” another would fire back, setting off snickers all around.

Trans Mountain project no industry game-changer but may get federal funding anyway

It didn’t matter if the kids really understood the joke. What mattered was that the anti-federal government feeling in Alberta ran strong and deep. All that kids knew at the time was that this guy was a jerk, and that their friend’s dad somehow lost his job because of him.

Then, their dads lost jobs. And suddenly, it wasn’t funny.

Three decades later, in the age of memes and tweets, the jokes are different, but the anger is back. And no one in Alberta is laughing.


Client claims Toronto lawyer asked for $100K ‘finder’s fee’

A GTA man who paid a Toronto family lawyer about $200,000 in legal fees says the lawyer later wanted an extra $100,000 as a bonus after his divorce case was settled.

Asim Khan told Global News the lawyer, Tilda Roll, initially refused to release the balance of the roughly $1-million settlement until the extra charge was paid.

“Tilda suddenly dropped a bomb on me,” Khan said, referring to what she initially called a “bonus” and later a “finder’s fee.”


UCP leader Jason Kenney prepared to hold referendum over equalization payments

If Alberta can’t get its oil to international markets in a timely manner United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney said he is prepared to hold a referendum to amend the country’s constitution.

During a luncheon in Canmore on Thursday (March 14), he said if he is elected he will let Albertans vote in a referendum on the federal government’s equalization program, which relies heavily on Alberta to support provinces that are struggling economically.

In December, the federal government announced $18.86 billion of equalization money would be transferred to the provinces, including more than $13 billion to Quebec. Alberta receives nothing through the agreement, but sends billions annually to Ottawa.

“We Albertans are generous, we pride ourselves on sharing some of our prosperity with other parts of Canada when times are good here and bad elsewhere, but what we can not abide are politicians, or governments in other parts of the country benefiting massively from transfers generated from the hard work and resources of Albertans only then to seek to block those resources and damage our economy,” said Kenney.


Texas House passes bill legalizing lemonade stands run by children

The Texas House passed a bill on Wednesday to legalize lemonade stands run by children.

The bill, sponsored by Texas Rep. Matt Krause (R), legalizes temporary lemonade stands and other stands selling nonalcoholic beverages operated by minors on both private property or public parks, The Dallas Morning News reported.

“Today is lemonade freedom day,” Krause said after the bill received initial approval on Tuesday. “It’s a great day for our Texas entrepreneurs.”

The measure overturns a ban from the Texas Food Establishment over heath concerns from homemade drinks.

A similar bill was passed by Colorado state lawmakers earlier this month.


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