November 13, 2023

Language Matters – Modern Ideologies – Proud Socialist

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How Lift Off enlightened and ‘terrified’ Aussie kids with its faceless, genderless doll

“A lot of kids watching it who I’ve met as adults were terrified of it”, says Play School presenter Luke Carroll, of the faceless doll from ABC’s Lift Off — the show that launched his acting career.

“But it never scared me, I used to always look forward to rocking up to the set and grabbing EC.”
“EC”, the notorious faceless, genderless doll, was supposed to represent “every child”.

“It was a blank canvas for anything you wanted it to be, so EC was a representation of a kid’s imagination”, Carroll says. This kind of Utopian vision characterised the ’90s show. But in practice, as Carroll puts it, “I think that doll gave a lot of people nightmares.

How Cancel Culture Became Politicized — Just Like Political Correctness

When former President Donald Trump announced his lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google this month, he used a word that has become a familiar signal in modern politics.

“We’re demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well,” Trump said in a speech.

Modern vs. Western Thought: Cultural Marxism and Gender Feminism

Cultural Marxism is an ideology in which radical subjectivity and determinism is a form of self-actualization reaching beyond every normal boundary and taboo to achieve sexual liberation and social transformation.

Gender feminism is an ideology that considers gender identity to be determined by culturally accepted individual feeling and will (subjectivism) rather than biological sex at birth. Both ideologies melded with Modern Thought through the American academy of the 1960s.

Trudeau’s environment minister proclaims himself ‘proud socialist’ before House of Commons

Steven Guilbeault made the declaration during a debate about the impact of carbon tax policies on soaring energy bills

Minister of Environment Steven Guilbeault proudly proclaimed before the House of Commons on Tuesday that he is a “proud socialist” during a debate over a carbon tax the federal government has imposed on Canadians that has contributed to sky-high energy bills.

Israeli ministry ‘concept paper’ proposes transferring Gaza civilians to Egypt’s Sinai, with Canada as a possible final destination

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office played down the report compiled by the Intelligence Ministry as a hypothetical exercise — a “concept paper.” But its conclusions deepened long-standing Egyptian fears that Israel wants to make Gaza into Egypt’s problem, and revived for Palestinians memories of their greatest trauma