September 8, 2021

Liberals Worried about Newsome – The Liberal Mind

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The Gavin Newsom Recall Undermines The Democratic Party’s Plans To Californicate America

For much of the last decade, journalists have described “the California model” of high taxes, strong regulations, and aggressive action on climate change as the progressive template for the rest of the United States. After voters elected Donald Trump president in 2016, they elevated California as the leader of the national resistance to his administration and agenda. And in January reporters noted that “California is emerging as the de facto policy think tank of the Biden-Harris administration and of a Congress soon to be under Democratic control.”

But with growing evidence that California voters may recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom from office next month, the tenor of news media coverage is starting to change. CNN yesterday aired a segment headlined, “Democratic Support for California Gov. Gavin Newsom Is Dwindling.” In it, three lifelong Democratic women in Los Angeles said they were leaning toward voting for the recall because of rising crime and homelessness.

Hollywood Throws Weight Behind Gavin Newsom as California Governor Fights Recall Election

Voters in the Golden State are now just two weeks away from the gubernatorial recall election that will determine whether the sitting governor will remain in office for the rest of his term or lose his seat to one of his many challengers.

All registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot ahead of the day on September 14 and a number of politically engaged celebrities are already using their platforms to support Newsom’s effort.

“I know not all of you live in CA, but trust me, the #recall election there will affect you too, eventually,” tweeted Bette Midler. “So, if you know someone in #California, nag someone in California! #KnowSomeoneNagSomeone. #VoteNoRecall.”

On the Madness of Modern Liberalism:

The egalitarianism and welfarism of modern liberal government are incompatible with the facts of human nature and the human condition. But the rise to power of the liberal agenda has resulted from the fact that the people of western societies have irrationally demanded that governments take care of them and manage their lives instead of protecting their property rights. This misconception results in massive violations of those rights while permitting government officials to act out their own and their constituents’ psychopathology. The liberal agenda gratifies various types of pathological dependency; augments primitive feelings of envy and inferiority; reinforces paranoid perceptions of victimization; implements manic delusions of grandeur; exploits government authority for power, domination and revenge; and satisfies infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation.

Modern liberalism rejects, to one degree or another, the competence and sovereignty of the common man and subordinates him to the will of governments run by liberal elites. The western world’s twentieth century capitulation to this philosophy is obvious–and the implications for liberty are ominous. But the history of the world also documents the heroic struggles of human beings to escape from tyrannies of all types, whether imposed by the brute force and declared entitlement of a dictator, or falsely justified by economic, religious or political sophistries.