June 17, 2024

Milei Saving Argentina – BC NDP Debt – No Tax on Tips Resonates

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Milei to Cut 70,000 State Jobs, Boasting of Chainsaw Austerity

Argentine President Javier Milei plans to fire 70,000 government workers in the coming months in one of the clearest signs yet of how the libertarian’s chainsaw-style approach intends to slash the swollen state.

Beyond the job cuts, Milei boasted Tuesday at an event that he’s frozen public works, cut off some funding to provincial governments and terminated more than 200,000 social welfare plans, which he labeled as corrupt. It’s all part of his strategy to reach a fiscal balance at any cost this year.


Argentina reports its first single-digit inflation in 6 months as markets swoon and costs hit home

Argentina’s monthly inflation rate eased sharply to a single-digit rate in April for the first time in half a year, data released Tuesday showed, a closely watched indicator that bolsters President Javier Milei’s severe austerity program aimed at fixing the country’s troubled economy.


Government has become B.C.’s growth sector as spending rises

The NDP government’s 2024 budget features record operating deficits and surging debt loads. The document includes no mention of any plan to return to fiscal balance—or even to narrow the deficit. It moves B.C. decisively towards structural operating deficits, compounding future debt-management challenges and risking B.C.’s reputation as a fiscally top-tier jurisdiction with an excellent credit rating.


Trump encourages voters to write ‘no tax on tips’ on restaurant receipts

Former President Trump on Friday encouraged his voters to write on restaurant receipts to spread the word of his proposal to eliminate taxes on tips.

Trump made the remarks at an event celebrating his 78th birthday in West Palm Beach with members of Club 47.

The former president told the crowd that as part of his plan for further tax cuts, he would eliminate taxes on tips for “restaurant workers, hospitality workers and anyone else that gets tips.”