April 30, 2018

More Virtue Signalling From Trudeau

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Trudeau exonerates Tsilhqot’in chiefs hanged in 1864

For generations of Tsilhqot’in youth, the first story they learn is of the historic betrayal by the British colonial government that led to the hanging of six of the nation’s leaders, says Chief Joe Alphonse.

Now, more than 150 years after the so-called Chilcotin War, that historic wrong has at last been made right, Alphonse said Monday after the federal government apologized in a “statement of exoneration” for the Tsilhqot’in war chiefs who were wrongfully convicted and killed for defending their homeland, their people and their way of life.


Justin Trudeau is all about virtue signalling

In fact, Canada’s immigration rules are more restrictive than ours.

The US admits more legal immigrants than any other country in the world. (about 1,000,000 annually.)

While Trudeau has grandly said he’ll welcome people excluded from the US under the completely mythical US “Muslim ban,” in fact the US year over year resettles more refugees than any other country in the world, roughly 70,000 annually.


Prime Minister Trudeau at the UN: an exercise in virtue signalling

The Prime Minister of Canada addressed the United Nations General Assembly yesterday. He chose to speak about reconciliation with Indigenous people, climate change, gender equality, the Syrian refugees crisis and international trade. He said nothing about world peace, the threat of terrorism or any reference to the death and persecution of Christians and other minorities in Europe.


Liberals, Conservatives refund donations from Conrad Black as NDP raise concerns over lack of ‘red flags’

Only citizens and permanent residents can make political donations. Black renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001 after being blocked from taking a U.K. peerage

Canada’s federal Liberals and Conservatives are returning donations from former media baron Conrad Black that violated rules against foreign contributions to political parties.

The parties confirmed Friday they would return the money even as the New Democratic Party filed an official complaint with the elections commissioner over the donations. Meanwhile, the fact that the parties did not return the donations to Black until attention was called to them is raising questions about how effectively Canada’s electoral system can prevent foreign money from influencing its politics.


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