January 26, 2019

NJ Gun Law – Catholic Priests

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Million Plus NJ Gun Owners Defy State Law, Refuse to Turn Over Banned Gun Mags

New Jersey’s standard capacity magazine ban is now in effect making New Jersey’s one million gun owners criminals in the eyes of the state. But in an act of mass definace, New Jersey residents refuse to comply.

Any magazine holding more than ten rounds is now illegal in the Garden State. The standard magazine for an AR-15 holds 30 rounds. Glock 19s, which is the most popular pistol in the United States, holds 15 rounds. Anyone who is possession of larger magazine is committing a fourth-degree felony.
Anyone caught with one of the now banned magazines in their possession faces up to 18 months in prison and up to $10,000 in fines or both for each magazine found.


NJ’s 10-Round Magazine Limit Also Applies To Off-Duty Police

It’s already obvious that New Jersey isn’t exactly a pro-cop state.

I could make a joke about New Jersey and the mob, but that’s picking low-hanging fruit.

It doesn’t matter why the state seems to have it out for its police, and I’m inclined to think this latest example isn’t so much due to oversight as it is by design. I mean, if this happened in some other state, I’d figure lawmakers didn’t think out the ramifications for police, if nothing else.

With New Jersey, though? The state doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.


Illinois accuses 500 more Catholic clergy of child sexual abuse

The scale of clergy sexual abuse in the US state of Illinois is greater than the Catholic Church has recognized. Some 700 priests have been accused of child sexual abuse — the Church identified fewer than 200.


Cardinal accused of paedophile cover-up says Vatican told him to ‘avoid a scandal’

French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin on Monday defended himself against allegations he failed to report a priest for sexual abuse, telling a courtroom the Vatican had asked him “to avoid a public scandal.”

“My authority is Rome,” he added.

Barbarin and five other members of his diocese appeared in Lyon’s High Court on Monday to stand trial for helping to cover up abuse.

But Barbarin is the highest-profile cleric to be caught up in the sexual abuse scandal in the French Catholic church so far. He was once so influential, he was tipped as a possible next pope.


Why Peter the Great Established a Beard Tax

Between 1697-1698, the tsar visited Europe in disguise to learn about shipbuilding and Western culture. His verdict? Shave

Around this day in 1698, Tsar Peter I—known as Peter the Great—established a beard tax. He wasn’t the only ruler in history to do this—England’s Henry VII did the same—but what’s interesting is the story behind Peter’s reason for the tax.

Before Peter I, Russia wasn’t very connected with Europe, nor did it have a navy that could assert authority on its sea borders. Although Russia was huge, writes Encyclopedia Britannica, it lagged behind in ships at a time when European powers such as England and the Dutch were exploring and colonizing the globe—and impinging on each other’s borders. With the goal of learning from European nations’ successes, Peter I spent time during 1697 and 1698 travelling around Europe, in disguise, on a “Grand Embassy.”


Why Liberalism Failed… and Can’t Be Fixed

Many commentators have observed that liberalism is coming apart.[1] The liberal order no longer provides the security and happiness that it always promised. Some link the cause of liberalism’s decline to the decay of the culture or the rise of big government. Others think it can be fixed by adapting or tweaking the system. Few if any, however, attribute its failure to its success. Such is the intriguing thesis of Notre Dame Professor Patrick Deneen in his most recent book, Why Liberalism Failed.

His affirmation explains much. It shows why those searching for ways to nurse liberalism back to health seem to stall and cannot find traction. This thesis explains the fragmentation and polarization that is destroying the nation. Dr. Deneen says that “Liberalism has failed—not because it fell short but because it was true to itself.” As liberalism progresses, it is the victim of the success of its internal contradictions. It creates its own conditions to fail. There is no “fix.”


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