June 14, 2024

No Tax On Tips – Manufacturing Numbers – Capital Gains

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Trump tells sweltering rally in Nevada he won’t tax tips

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday that he would seek to end taxation of income from tips, a direct appeal to service workers in the swing state of Nevada, which polls suggest is leaning his way ahead of the Nov. 5 election.
Trump also once again valorized his supporters convicted for their roles in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, calling them “warriors” and suggesting a possible counter-investigation into the event if he were re-elected.
The pledge on tips, revealed at a sweltering outdoor rally in Las Vegas where temperatures reached 100 degrees, adds one more detail to a Trump tax plan that has included vague pledges of tax relief to middle-income workers and small businesses.


NSSF Releases Most Recent Firearm Production Figures

The estimated total number of firearms in civilian possession from 1990-2021 is 473.2 million, according to data in reports such as ATF Firearms Commerce in the United States, ATF Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Reports and Congressional Research Service and including the collective ATF Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report (AFMER) reports up to the 2021 edition.


Shooting sports are exploding in popularity among young people. Here’s why

Every year, millions of Americans use guns recreationally, not only for hunting, but also for target sports like skeet and trapshooting. A growing number of young people are participating in shooting sports, a trend that is raising concerns for some. Special correspondent Megan Thompson reports.


Hunter Biden convicted on all 3 charges at federal gun trial

A federal jury has convicted Hunter Biden on all three federal felony gun charges he faced, concluding that he violated laws meant to prevent drug addicts from owning firearms.

The conviction marks the first time a president’s immediate family member has been found guilty of a crime during their father’s term in office, though his crimes predate Joe Biden’s tenure as president.


Chrystia Freeland’s granddad was indeed a Nazi collaborator – so much for Russian disinformation

The news conference on Monday by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was interesting not for the announcement that Canada was extending its training mission to Ukraine but for the questions and answers about the minister’s grandfather.


Freeland introduces capital gains tax changes, says Canadians should watch coming vote