November 9, 2021

NRA & Shot Show – The Great Replacement

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2022 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits
Mark Your Calendar! May 27-29, 2022 Houston, TX

Join us in 2022 for the 151st NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston, TX. Put on your best walking shoes and spend the day exploring products from every major firearm company in the country. You can book the hunt of a lifetime in our exclusive outfitter section and view priceless collections of firearms in the gun collector area.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation welcomes professional media to the SHOT Show®.

With 2,500 members of the media from the United States and around the world expected to cover the 2022 SHOT Show, there is a limit for the number of journalists that can be reasonably and fairly accommodated. Specialized media routinely covering the shooting, hunting, outdoor and law enforcement trade may be assigned credentials until the limit is reached. A deadline for applying and assigning media credentials may be put into effect at any time at the discretion of the NSSF Communications team.

Trump announces ‘TRUTH Social’ network will be rolled out first quarter of 2022

Trump says the network aims to ‘give a voice to all’ and ‘fight back against big tech’

Former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday the forthcoming “TRUTH Social,” a social media network that aims to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”

Staff Shortages Shutter 26 NYC Firehouses Amid Pushback Over Vaccine Mandate

A total of 26 firehouses around New York City were reportedly shut Saturday because of staff shortages triggered by the refusal of some firefighters to get a city-mandated COVID-19 vaccine.

Saturday’s temporary closures represented 7.6% of the city’s 341 engine and ladder companies, the New York Post reported.

Stats Canada Celebrates The Great Replacement of White Canadians

Promoters of mass immigration, same ones celebrating increasing ethnic diversity across the West, claim the phrase “the Great Replacement” is part of a “white genocide conspiracy theory”. They also want to persuade security authorities that this phrase should be banned or made illegal because it “motivates alt-right killers the world over”.

Spain deploys army after some 6,000 undocumented migrants swim to Ceuta amid diplomatic row with Morocco

Several military units have been sent to control the situation in the North African exclave city. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said his “priority is restoring normality”

60% Believe the Great Replacement Is Real

USING a sample of more than 2000 people registered on the electoral rolls, the polling institute Harris Interactive for Challenges asked about the possibility of a “Great Replacement” occurring in France.

It was described in this study as being people of European race being “threatened with extinction following Muslim immigration, from the Maghreb and black Africa.” Among those who expressed an opinion on this question, according to this poll, 61 per cent. of them believe that it will happen.

Why Did Canadians Decide “Never Again” to Be a White Nation?

The author of the most prominent survey of Canadian history in our universities, J.M. Bumsted, claims that “from the beginning” Canada was “a multiracial place, the destination of a constant flow of new immigrants of varying ethnicities.”