July 19, 2018

Ontario Election – Socialist Seattle

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PCs win Ontario election — here’s a look at the promises Doug Ford made

Ford has suggested he will find and cut $6 billion in government “inefficiencies,” without laying anyone off.

Taylor recalled that the Ford brothers attempted to do this at Toronto City Hall, but it didn’t go that well.

“They brought an outside consulting firm to look for those efficiencies and ultimately the consulting firm said that things were relatively efficiently running,” Taylor said.

PCs win Ontario election — here’s a look at the promises Doug Ford made

$1.1B RCMP bullying and harassment lawsuit no surprise to retired Mountie

KAMLOOPS — A new $1.1 billion lawsuit over bullying and harassment claims in the RCMP came as no surprise to a retired policeman in Kamloops.

The CBC reports the case alleges bullying and harassment and seeks compensation for “potentially tens of thousands of people.”

“Well, to be honest with you, I wasn’t surprised,” he told CFJC Today. “It’s been the history in the RCMP — especially recently with the settlement for the female members. But the system of labour relations in the RCMP has been so ineffective for decades that there’s really been no place for members to go to get anything redressed in any meaningful way.”


Changing the culture of the RCMP to make it suitable for municipal policing is a tall order

It feels like every passing day reveals another problem about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There have been reports of sexist mistreatment of female officers, bullying and harassment generally, unacceptable behaviour by trainers at the RCMP training depot in Regina, and the Mounties’ role in the national saga about murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls. The RCMP’s performance as a municipal police was put on trial last year in Moncton after three officers were killed by lone gunman Justin Bourque, and the one guilty finding from the four charges laid against the RCMP was for a failure to “provide RCMP members with appropriate use of force equipment and related user training when responding to an active threat or active shooter event” — a stinging indictment of the force all the same.


More than 20,000 sign petition to recall socialist Seattle councilwoman who urged Trump protests

She’s the first socialist elected to the Seattle City Council in 100 years, and she campaigned on a platform that included rent control, a revenue-raising tax on millionaires and a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Now, Kshama Sawant is raising eyebrows well beyond the Northwest.


City Hall tosses in the towel on Seattle’s employee head tax

The Seattle City Council will meet at noon on Tuesday, and will likely vote to repeal the $275-per-full time worker “head tax” on large employers that it voted for unanimously just last month.

By walking back the tax, City Hall is dodging a bullet that was about to hit it between the eyes.

“It is clear that the ordinance will lead to a prolonged, expensive political fight over the next five months that will do nothing to tackle our urgent housing and homeless crisis: Those challenges can only be addressed together as a city and as importantly as a state and as a region,” said a statement signed by Mayor Jenny Durkan and seven of nine City Council members.


Connecticut transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood wins two state titles amidst controversy

The sentiment is universal: Everyone agrees that Andraya Yearwood should be allowed to compete in her chosen races as a girl. After all, she identifies as a girl, trains alongside fellow females and plans to eventually undergo hormone therapy to complete a transition from her male birth gender to female.

Connecticut transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood wins two state titles amidst controversy

Boys are Winning Girls’ Track Events in Connecticut, and Parents Aren’t Happy

Parents in Connecticut have launched petitions to prevent boys from running in girls’ track and field events, saying the current rules governing transgender teenagers gives boys an unfair advantage.

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) – which governs high school sports in the state – allows athletes to compete as the gender with which they identify.


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