November 7, 2020

Open Carry at Polls – Cow Hugging

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Michigan judge strikes down ban on open carry guns at polling sites on Election Day

Judge said state laws already provide tools to stop those whose goal is to intimidate voters

A judge on Tuesday blocked a ban on the open display of guns near Michigan polling places on Election Day, agreeing with gun rights advocates who had claimed the Democratic secretary of state failed to follow state law with her sudden order.

Gun rights groups accused Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson of exceeding her authority in banning people from openly carrying guns within 100 feet of voting sites.

GASP! Judge Amy Coney Barrett owns a gun…So what?

Judge Amy Coney Barrett told the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday her family owns a firearm, but she assured members of the panel this would not influence how she might vote on Second Amendment questions before the Supreme Court, if she is confirmed.

The second day of hearings into her nomination focused once again on Judge Barrett’s philosophy about abortion and the Affordable Care Act, but the gun rights issue did come up. She took time to explain how the process works when getting a case before the high court.

Trump Just Became “Captain America”…and Democrats are Losing Their Minds

When President Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive for Covid, Democrats were gloating and hoping for the worst. They thought a sick (or dying) Trump would be unable to campaign down the homestretch and hand a victory to Basement Biden.

What did former President Obama call this? A “teachable moment.” But it’s not the lesson Democrats hoped for.

I’ve studied Donald Trump my entire adult life. Growing up as a kid in New York, and being 15 years younger than Trump, he served as my hero, mentor and role model since my college days at Columbia University.

Landlord’s Letter Claims Rent Increase If Biden Wins

Trailer park tenants said their landlord sent them a note that claimed their rent would go up if Joe Biden wins, according to a report.

Toronto man caught driving despite having eight separate lifetime bans, police allege

Provincial police say they’ve charged a man who was allegedly driving despite having eight separate lifetime bans from driving.

They say an officer saw a vehicle speeding on a road in Mono, Ont., on Tuesday, and pulled him over.

Police say the officer then realized that the Toronto man has numerous criminal prohibitions from driving.

They say the 60-year-old also has two Highway Traffic Act suspensions.

Cow-hugging is the new animal therapy trend we all need

Therapy animals are not a new concept, but in a world where mental health is being tested by an ongoing pandemic, people are searching for comfort it what might seem like unusual places.

A practice that originated in the rural town of Reuver in the Netherlands, “koe knuffelen,” which means “cow hugging” in Dutch, is gaining global popularity, according to a BBC report.

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