August 25, 2021

Paid to Stay Home – Saline Vaccine

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Federal ‘relief’ is so generous it’s more lucrative to stay home than to work

With half of American adults having had at least one vaccine dose and restrictions gradually easing throughout most of the country, employers are eager to rebuild the economy. One problem: Unemployment benefits have become so generous, people aren’t taking jobs.

The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation gives those on unemployment an extra $300 a week atop what states offer, making it more lucrative for many to stay jobless — and that $300 benefit doesn’t expire until September, though employers across the country are complaining they can’t find enough people to hire.

Canada pledges $320mn to fund campaigns searching for residential school graves & support survivors

Indigenous leaders have cautiously welcomed Ottawa’s $320-million funding pledge to support communities looking for unmarked graves at former residential school sites and to help survivors, deeming it a “long overdue step.”

The Trudeau administration announced the funding on Tuesday, with indigenous groups currently developing plans to uncover more burial sites. Around Can$83 million (US$66 million) will go towards plans to research and locate sites, memorialize and rebury victims.

Anti-vax nurse injects 8,600 with saline instead of COVID vaccine

She gave them a false sense of immunity.

A German nurse is being investigated for allegedly injecting thousands of people with a placebo instead of the coronavirus vaccine.

Based on witness testimony, police investigator Peter Beer said there was “a reasonable suspicion” that the rogue medical professional had administered shots of saline solution to up to 8,600 patients who were slated to receive the COVID jab, Reuters reported.

Disqualified Conservative Yukon candidate Jonas Smith to run as independent

The Yukon candidate disqualified by the Conservative Party of Canada over opposition to vaccine passports and employer vaccine mandates will be running as an independent.

Jonas Smith, a mining industry advocate and former Conservative national councillor, was removed as a candidate last week over what the Conservative party said was an “unwillingness to support public health guidelines.”

Smith said it was about his “opposition to calls for implementation of mandated workplace vaccinations and vaccine passport requirements in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Smith ran for the Conservatives in 2019, but lost to Liberal Larry Bagnell by 153 votes. With Bagnell retiring, Smith was set to seek the seat for the Conservatives again when Canadians go to the polls Sept. 20.

O’Toole warns Canadians not to be safe in China after court upholds death penalty

Federal conservative leader Erin O’Toole accused Beijing of using the death penalty for political purposes on Tuesday after a Chinese court upheld the death penalty of a Canadian man in a drug case.

O’Toole also reopened the door to a Canadian boycott of next year’s Winter Olympics in China, warning of recent actions by the Chinese government, saying Canadians are not safe in the country.

Conservative Kelowna MP not welcome at Pride celebration after conversion therapy vote

Kelowna Pride says the area’s Conservative MP, Tracy Gray, is not welcome at this year’s Pride celebration.

Gray voted against a bill that would prohibit forcing children or adults to undergo so-called conversion therapy aimed at altering their sexual orientation.