November 18, 2023

SEX and Gender

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Politicised trans groups put children at risk, says expert

School counsellors and mental health service providers are bowing to pressures from ‘highly politicised’ transgender groups to affirm children’s beliefs that they were born the wrong sex, a leading expert has warned.

Marcus Evans, a psychotherapist and ex-governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, whose Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) is the only NHS clinic to provide gender counselling and transitioning, said many experts were living in fear of being labelled transphobic, which was having an impact on their objectivity.

Young Children Are Being Targeted With Sexual Content. The Equality Act Would Make It Worse.

Dating back to the 1860s, Americans celebrate National Children’s Day on June 13 to recognize the gift of children and need to foster their welfare and future. John Ross, founder of the grassroots movement that advocated National Children’s Day, says Americans “need this day to love, evaluate, and commit to the betterment of our children.”

What better way is there to support children’s “betterment” than by evaluating what corporations, the media, and schools are exposing children to? As this year’s LGBT+ Pride Month has shown, young children need not look any further than their kitchen tables, living rooms, or classrooms for highly sexualized content.

How public schools brainwash young kids with harmful transgender ideology

Militant transgender advocates are imposing their agenda with uncompromising zeal on schoolchildren.

That’s fine with President Joe Biden. His administration announced this month that by April, it will enhance the legal entitlements of transgender public-school students, with new guarantees regarding access to bathrooms, locker rooms and sports competitions.

These issues grab the headlines, but they’re less harmful to most students than the damage being done by the distortion of the school curriculum. From the youngest age, students are being brainwashed with gender ideology.

Sex and Gender: What’s the Difference?

The terms “sex and gender’’ are often used interchangeably, but they mean different things. Here’s why the difference matters.

A person’s sex refers to their physical characteristics, such as male, female, and intersex. Gender is a separate concept that refers to their personal gender identity — for example, whether they identify as a man or a woman.