July 19, 2018

Sig Sauer – Trudeau Taxes

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Chicago Police Department adds SIG SAUER P320 as an Authorized Duty Pistol

SIG SAUER has announced the City of Chicago Police Department has added the P320 to the department’s official authorized duty pistol list. The Chicago Police Department is the second largest police department in the United States with over 13,000 sworn officers, covering 22 police districts within the city.

“We are pleased that the SIG SAUER P320 has been added to the Chicago Police Department’s official authorized duty pistol listing,” began Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The modular design of the P320 gives their full complement of officers the capability to easily change grip size and convert the sizing of their P320 from full-size to sub-compact, based on the officers needs and preferences

Read more: http://www.handgunsmag.com/news/chicago-police-department-adds-sig-sauer-p320-as-an-authorized-duty-pistol/#ixzz5L3TuX6zw

Another $2M from Ottawa for Cape Breton’s luxurious Cabot Links

Critics question using public dollars to bankroll a private business catering to affluent golfers

Cape Breton’s famed Cabot Links golf resort has received a $2-million federal loan, bringing total government funding for the luxurious enterprise to almost $17 million.

The interest-free “repayable contribution” will go toward spa facilities, upscale culinary services and tennis courts at Cabot Cliffs at Broad Cove, the sibling golf course to Cabot Links, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency said Friday.

The latest loan will help the picturesque Inverness resort broaden its appeal for families, non-golfers and corporate groups, the agency said.

It’s also part of an effort to attract more visitors to the remote resort and bolster tourism in the province, it said.


Trudeau Funded Terrorists, Nearly $2.57 Billion Missing

Last year we reported breaking news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has committed nearly $3 billion Canadian taxpayers money to foreign aid for countries such as Syria and Afghanistan.

But now reports show nearly $2.57 Billion is missing, the money simply vanished, or did it go into hands of terrorists hiding beyond the crowd of Muslims practicing sharia law?

CFG reports:

According to the most recent figures from Global Affairs, Canada has disbursed about $2.57 billion in total aid … and much of this money has gone missing.

Fears that the international community, including Canadian taxpayers, might have paid millions to fund nonexistent students, teachers and schools also adds to the complexity of reconstruction efforts.


Trudeau Gives Away Billions To Other Countries, Ignores Problems In Canada

There is no excuse for giving away $6 billion in taxpayer money to foreign countries when so many Canadians are suffering

Justin Trudeau is under fire from indigenous leaders for recent comments he made about mercury contamination at Grassy Narrows First Nation.

Rather than take responsibility, Trudeau call the contamination, “very much” an Ontario issue.

Grassy Narrows Chief Simon Fobister said Trudeau was “passing the buck,” by putting it on the province. Fobister also said Trudeau would be “letting down” Grassy Narrows residents if he didn’t take action.


Trudeau Government To Spend $400 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Education In Foreign Countries

The cause may be a good one, but why is our tax money being sent overseas when so many Canadians are in need of help?

It is being reported that the Trudeau government plans to announce that they will spend $400 million of taxpayer dollars to fund education in foreign countries.

According to CTV, “Multiple sources familiar with the government’s plans confirmed the amount of the Canadian contribution, and some of them said they were expecting contributions from other countries, including from outside the G7.”


Imagine How Much More Trudeau Will Raise Taxes If He Gets Re-Elected

Trudeau has already betrayed his promise to reduce taxes for middle class Canadians, and if he got in again he would try to take even more money away from taxpayers.

When Justin Trudeau was seeking power, one of his most effective campaign points was a promise to cut taxes for the vast majority of Canadians.


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