August 23, 2018

Sir John A MacDonald – Diversity is No Countries Strength

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Reconciliation reinterprets the legacy of Sir John A. Macdonald

While Canadians wrestle with Macdonald’s place in history, one historian is in favor of Victoria’s decision.

James Daschuk, a University of Regina historian and winner of the Sir John A. Macdonald prize in 2014, supports the decision to remove statues of Macdonald and place them in a more appropriate and educational setting.

“He built the dysfunctional Canada that we live in today. We’ve got so many unresolved issues with regard to indigenous people, it’s not funny.”

ANALYSIS: Reconciliation reinterprets the legacy of Sir John A. Macdonald

With another apology, Trudeau tries to right — and rewrite — the past
Trudeau Sr. said: ‘I do not think the purpose of a government is to right the past. It cannot rewrite history. It is our purpose to be just in our time’

In the early 1940s, Pierre Elliott Trudeau flirted with politics that, in the words of his esteemed biographer John English, were “not only anti-war and anti-Liberal, but also clandestine, highly nationalist and, at least momentarily, separatist and even violent.”

In a speech in support of a nationalist candidate in a Montreal by-election, Trudeau minimized the German threat and, according to Le Devoir, said he feared “the peaceful invasion of immigrants more than the armed invasion of the enemy.

“Bring on the revolution,” he concluded.

John Ivison: With another apology, Trudeau tries to right — and rewrite — the past

Former Conservative MP says Trudeau ‘trying to whitewash’ history by renaming Langevin Block

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose National Aboriginal Day to announce the renaming of the Langevin Block, out of respect for Indigenous peoples.

The building’s namesake, Hector-Louis Langevin, was a father of Confederation and a strong proponent of the Indian Residential School System.

Diversity Is Not A Strength

Most immigrants today tend to be uneducated and low-skilled. They also bring with them a host of issues related to their lack of basic infrastructure in healthcare, education, and individual rights. As an example, their sanitary habits and the level of disease (here) contagion prevalent in their home environments are introducing diseases not seen in their host countries for decades, if not centuries. Rarely are they in excellent health, have marketable skills, have adequate education, or are self-supporting and willing to add to their host society by assimilating into the culture, adopting customs and habits, and learning the native language.

“Our Europe Is Dying”: German Youth Blast Merkel’s “Multicultural Utopia”

Just hours before the melee, far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders (who is set to go on trial in March for inciting racial hatred by promising to rid the Netherlands of “Moroccans”) released a new TV spot for his ascendant Freedom Party. In the clip, Wilders says male Mid-East refugees are “Islamic testosterone bombs” who should be locked away in asylum centers in order to “save the country’s women” from “sexual jihad.”

Canadians Want ISIS Terrorists Punished & Kept Out Of Canada, Not “Rehabilitated”

It’s sad that we even have to say such an obvious truth, but the government doesn’t owe anything to ISIS terrorists.

Instead, the government owes law-abiding Canadians a safe and secure nation.

That means punishing our enemies, and keeping them out of Canada whenever possible.

However, the Trudeau government seems to have completely reversed this.

Terrorism is dirty word for RCMP and Trudeau

In the wake of Toronto’s deadly van attack, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is towing the “company line.”

It seems the RCMP doesn’t want to call this event a terrorist attack.

Global News obtained an RCMP internal e-mail which appears to show obstacles for police in labelling an event terrorism.

“For charges to be laid, it is necessary to gather sufficient evidence to demonstrate a clear ideological basis and motivation for the act. Therefore, obtaining the burden of evidence to warrant a terrorism charge can be challenging,” the e-mail read.

Trudeau gets tough on gangs by hassling target shooters

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