November 18, 2020

Sniffer Joe – Threats From The Left

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Joe Biden Is Not A Good Person

None of us know Joe Biden, but we know enough about him to see, plain as day, that his “aw shucks, I’m just your average middle-class guy” routine is one of the greatest frauds ever attempted in American political history. In reality, he’s a wildly insecure man who covers it with arrogance. In adulthood, he’s never held a private-sector job for more than a few months but somehow managed to amass a fortune and houses larger than some warehouses. He’s not the affable lug he plays on TV; he’s a man with a short temper and a history of lying. He, Joe Biden, is not a good man.

Thoroughly immoral Joe Biden’s campaign is built on phony claims to morality

A chorus of voices, some of them belonging to sympathizers, has arisen to warn President Trump that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are a losing issue for him in the waning days of the presidential election campaign. Instead, we hear, he should emphasize the economic promise of a second Trump term.

Yesterday, I heard a distinctly unsympathetic commentator, Marie Harf, state that voters don’t care about Hunter Biden’s laptop. She’s wrong, and she knows it. Her party’s “Resistance” has persecuted President Trump for years with a series of made-up scandals — Russian collusion, Ukrainian interference, corruption, indiscretion — that are structurally almost indistinguishable from the Joe-and-Hunter scandal, except that the Biden scandal isn’t made up. Democrats did this, not because they think the public is interested in the president’s phone calls or associates, but because they believe that the public is interested in his character, and they are determined to blacken it with every weapon or pseudo-weapon that falls within reach.

“Whose Ever Got the Guns Can Win- Let’s Take Over the Buildings!”

Lisa Fithian is a radical revolutionary who has been organizing chaos operations and antigovernment demonstrations in the United States for decades.

Lisa Fithian was a key organizer of violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle, Washington.

The Left Threatens GOP: ‘We Have a List’ and You’ll Never Work Again if You Helped Trump

Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden used the power of the office to spy on the media and political enemies, including, of course, Donald Trump. Obama kept a disposition matrix, an assassination list. And now the D.C. Left is trotting out a new list. It goes something like this: If you complain about potential voter fraud in the 2020 election, you’ll never work in this town again and if you ever worked for Trump, you’re through.

Trudeau government overpaid $100 MILLION for ventilators, gifted contract to former Liberal MP

The Trudeau Liberals awarded Former Liberal MP Frank Baylis’ medical firm a contract for $237 million without calls for bids, and overpaid $10,000 per ventilator.

The Montreal-based Baylis Medical Company Inc. was gifted the federal contract to purchase 10,000 ventilators. Additionally, the ventilators had never been “approved in any jurisdiction to date,” a Department of Health memo revealed.

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