August 16, 2021

Times Of Tyranny – Immigration or Invasion

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An injection of tyranny: from vaccine passports to digital IDs?

The imposition of vaccine passports represents a major expansion of state power. While they are portrayed as a means of restoring pre-pandemic freedoms, in reality they will extend restrictions on people who refuse to comply.

There is also evidence that vaccine passports form part of a wider agenda to introduce biometric digital identity systems. The EU was already making plans for vaccine passports in 2018, long before anyone had heard of Covid-19. And there are other disturbing initiatives, such as ID2020, backed by powerful transnational foundations with deep links to Western governments.

Citizens all over the world are rising up against vaccine passports, lockdowns

A visual breakdown of protests in countries where the people are fighting for their freedom: perspective

Citizens all over the world are rising up against mandatory vaccine passports, health passes, and lockdowns.

Freedom, once surrendered, must be fought for in order to get it back.

Vaccine passports are a TRAP that sets the stage for Communism rollout across America

(Natural News) A popular trap for catching animals uses the foot hold design, where the animal steps in it and the trap grabs it by the foot and holds it indefinitely. It’s a live catch trap also known as a restraining trap because it captures the animal and restrains it for as long as needed. The trap is initially well-disguised and covered with leaves or brush to look and seem natural to the animal. Vaccine passports are very similar to animal traps in the way they are being introduced during this ‘global reset,’ and once they’re all set and activated, there will be NO escape for the trapped animals, the sheeple-people who succumb to the immune-system-destroying mRNA vaccine series.

Almost 190,000 Illegals Crossed the Border in June, Highest of any Month; Now Over 1 MILLION for the Year

On Friday, US border officials revealed that 188,829 illegal border crossings occurred in June 2021, the most in any month for the past 21 years. This is the 2nd consecutive month that Biden’s open-border policy has resulted in record numbers of illegals gaining entry into the US.

Illegal Invasion Insanity: Biden Wasted $2 Billion of Your Money, Causing Another COVID Surge

Anti-liberty Leftists have made it obvious that they control most of the nation’s media. Thus, they can scrupulously avoid connecting the illegal invasion on the southern border with another COVID surge.
For that matter, they can avoid talking about the illegal invasion altogether. Focusing instead on their ridiculous obsession with a 3-hour event that took place more than 6 months ago. Something they have propagandized into something worse than Antietam or Pearl Harbor.

Newsom says recall is unfair, effects will be felt ‘across the country’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the recall effort against him is unfair and that its impacts will be felt “across the country.”

“No,” Newsom said during a virtual interview when asked whether he believes his actions and policies have justified a fair recall effort

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