May 17, 2019

Trudeau Deaf, Dumb & – Loblaws Gets Millions

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Trudeau’s refusal to listen to concerns about border-crossers is ‘dangerous,’ Scheer says

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most divisive prime minister in the history of Canada.

Mr. Scheer is lashing out at Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal party for dismissing anyone who disagrees with them, particularly anyone who has questions about Canada’s immigration system.

“I actually think Justin Trudeau’s approach to label people who have legitimate concerns with his issues as being un-Canadian and intolerant, that is very dangerous,” said Mr. Scheer.

His comments come several days after Mr. Trudeau told the Canadian Press that Mr. Scheer and the Conservatives were playing a dangerous game themselves by lying to Canadians to drum up fear over immigration.

Canadians Didn’t Sign Up For Trudeau’s Scandals And Bad Policies

The Liberal party has a history of fiscal irresponsibility and running large deficits, but this Liberal government has started a trend of breaking major campaign promises.

Poll shows Trudeau’s Liberals would be wiped out west of Quebec

The news that the latest Angus Reid poll would see the Conservatives take 40% of the popular vote to the Liberals 30% is a surprising story, almost as surprising as millennial voters fleeing the Liberals to the Conservatives.

But the big news lies in the regional breakdowns which show a near wipe out for the Liberals west of Quebec.

The Angus Reid Institute poll surveyed 5,423 Canadians between March 6-15, 2018. That is a big poll and that means big regional breakdowns with smaller margins of error, meaning if they are paying attention the big brains at Liberal HQ should be sweating.

Loblaw Co. Gets $12-Million Carbon Reduction Subsidy From Ottawa, Sparking Online Outrage

The federal Liberal government is taking criticism online after announcing it’s giving retailer Loblaw Co. $12 million under a clean energy program.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna announced on Monday that Loblaw would receive the money on top of its own $36-million contribution to upgrade the refrigeration units at 370 Loblaw-owned stores across the country.

The government estimates the changes will reduce carbon emissions from those stores by 23 per cent.

McKenna defends feds giving millions to help Loblaw buy new fridges

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on Tuesday defended her department’s decision to give Loblaw $12 million to buy and install more energy-efficient fridges for their retail stores.

Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars

Mattera then takes 250 pages to introduce you to a virtual Murderer’s Row of villainous Crapitalists. Liberal men and women who make money by rigging the system and buying off politicians instead of working hard to create products and services that consumers want to purchase.

This book is perfect for High School age kids who should be taught the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism before they reach college. It’s also perfect for college kids who are being inundated with liberal talking points while having conservative economic perspectives demonized at every turn. It’s perfect for stay-at-home moms and professional men and women. It’s great for liberals and conservatives and for the politically unaffiliated (and politically uncaring).

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