September 19, 2020

Trudeau Destroying Canada – Biden’s Dementia

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Trudeau’s Dangerous Radical Agenda Will Betray An Entire Generation Of Canadians

The Trudeau Liberals are preparing to simultaneously spend gigantic amounts of money, disincentivize work, and cripple the energy sector.

An entire generation of Canadians is about to be sacrificed at the altar of the ‘green agenda’ and Trudeau’s insane arrogance.

At a moment when Canadians are seeking a return to normalcy, the Liberals are doing the opposite.

They are planning to turn these temporary massive budget deficits brought about by the crisis into permanent massive deficits that explode our national debt like we never thought possible.

Simultaneously, they plan to cripple the energy sector, pursuing a ‘green agenda’ that will make everything more expensive.

Justin Trudeau is destroying Canada from the inside out

To adapt a phrase from Matt Margolis, Justin Trudeau is the worst prime minister in Canadian history. Like his American counterpart Barack Obama, he is both a know-nothing and a do-nothing leader and an unmitigated disaster to the well-being of his country. For example, Trudeau’s unconscionably late and incomplete response to the COVID-19 pandemic — the “19” tells us it has been known for quite some time — much like Obama’s delayed response to the H1N1 pandemic of 2009, and his determination to keep an illegal border crossing open, is only the latest of his ill-gotten political escapades.

Biden claims Black man invented light bulb during campaign event

During a Thursday meeting with Kenosha, Wis., community leaders, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that a Black man, rather than Thomas Edison, invented the light bulb.

“People fear that which is different. We’ve got to, for example, why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes? A Black man invented the light bulb, not a White guy named Edison,” Biden said. “There’s so much — did anybody know before what recently happened that Black Wall Street in Oklahoma was burned to the ground. Anybody know these things? Because we don’t teach them. We’ve got to give people facts.”

Another Gaffe: Joe Biden Says ‘We Choose Truth over Facts’

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday suffered yet another gaffe on the presidential campaign trail, telling attendees of the Iowa State Fair Thursday that “we choose truth over facts.”

“There is nothing we’ve ever decided to do we’ve been unable to do”, Biden, 76, told the crowd as he wrapped up his speech. “Period. That’s not hyperbole. We have never, never, never failed when we’re together. And ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get up.”

Biden: “we choose truth over facts”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 8, 2019

How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections

Political figures have long used their families to route power and benefits for their own self-enrichment. In my new book, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” one particular politician — Joe Biden — emerges as the king of the sweetheart deal, with no less than five family members benefiting from his largesse, favorable access and powerful position for commercial gain. In Biden’s case, these deals include foreign partners and, in some cases, even US taxpayer dollars.

The Biden family’s apparent self-enrichment involves five family members: Joe’s son Hunter, son-in-law Howard, brothers James and Frank, and sister Valerie.

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