July 20, 2020

Trudeau Graft – Corporate Welfare

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Trudeau family paid by charity at heart of ethics probe – report

The charity at the heart of an ethics investigation targeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid members of his family for speaking engagements, Canadian media reported Thursday, July 9.

WE Charity paid Margaret Trudeau, the prime minister’s mother, Can$250,000 (US$184,000) for speeches at 28 events between 2016 and 2020, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).


Here’s why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders

On Wednesday, during one of the House of Common’s rare sitting days permitted by our current Liberal minority government, there was an exchange between Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that does as much as anything to explain why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders.

It also explains why Liberal voters continue to stand by him.

Scheer asked the PM whether he would waive “privileges and confidences” in the ethics commissioner’s investigation of the WE Charity scandal.


10 times the government used your money for corporate welfare

In 2018 the federal government and the four largest provinces gave a combined $29 billion to corporations through programs, funding announcements, and tax breaks. Often these corporate welfare cheques are completely unnecessary.

Here are ten times the government gave your money away to corporations.


Okay, yeah…let’s talk ‘systemic racism’…and how FakeNews stokes the flames

Long story short – there’s racism all right, but not the type being reported.

White America is guilty of systemic racism?

Only in a Democrat-FakeNews alternate universe can idiocy of this magnitude survive the smell test…and ONLY because FakeNews hides the (fact-filled) real story.

We say ‘hides’ because facts that refute this are available – FakeNews won’t report it.

Would it help to know “Black males are 6 percent of the U.S. population (but) black males are responsible for 42 percent of cop killings in the last decade”? You’d think so.

Disproportionate…by a factor of 7 times.

S-E-V-E-N times.


Idea of ‘systemic racism’ a lie that has ‘no meaning’ and is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda

Economist Thomas Sowell expressed the belief that the term “systemic racism” has “no meaning” and that it reminds him of Nazi Germany.

“It really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses,” he said, adding that the phrase’s currency is reminiscent of Nazi “propaganda tactics” and that people accept the lie after it’s “repeated long enough and loud enough.”

“It does remind me of the propaganda tactics of Joseph Goebbels during the age of the Nazis,” Sowell, who is black, told Fox News host Mark Levin on his show, Life, Liberty and Levin, during a Sunday airing. “It’s one of many words that I don’t think even the people who use it have any clear idea what they’re saying. Their purpose served is to have other people cave in.”


Halton police chief criticizes Jagmeet Singh’s comments on Rideau Hall attack suspect

Halton Region’s chief of police criticized federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh on Twitter, saying Singh’s suggestion that the man who allegedly broke into the Rideau Hall grounds carrying four guns may not have survived if he was not white.

Chief Tanner called Singh’s suggestion that the RCMP would have handled the July 2 situation differently if the suspect was not white “politics at an all-time low.”


Seattle holds training session for white employees aimed at affirming ‘complicity in racism’ and ‘undoing whiteness’

The city of Seattle held a training session for white employees aimed at teaching them how to “practice self-talk” that “affirms their complicity” in racism and about “undoing” their own whiteness.

“The City of Seattle held a training session for white employees called ‘Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,’” the director of the Center on Wealth & Poverty and contributing editor at City Journal, Christopher Rufo, tweeted Monday. His tweet thread described what a public records request suggested about the training, which the city confirmed to the Washington Examiner is provided by the Seattle Office for Civil Rights.


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