November 7, 2020

Trudeau Salute – Trudeau’s Assault On Canadian Culture

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Alberta MP Flashes Middle Finger During Question Period, Plays Coy When Asked To Apologize

A Conservative MP was called out Friday for flashing the bird and then playing coy when asked to apologize.

Blaine Calkins, the longtime MP for the Alberta riding of Red Deer-Lacombe, offered up the one-finger salute — albeit with his middle digit pointed downward — while appearing virtually during question period.

Calkins claimed Liberal policies have been “an assault on Alberta and the West” for the last five years. He accused the government of making resource extraction more difficult and interfering in Alberta’s ambitions to become a “plastics recycling hub” with its proposed ban on six single-use plastics items.

“Mr. Speaker, why doesn’t the prime minister just show the West what he truly thinks of us, just like his father did?” he said, before making the gesture at the camera.

Justin Trudeau’s anti-Alberta remarks aren’t going over well in Quebec either

Justin Trudeau has come under criticism for his comments about Alberta in the place where he made them in an interview two years ago — Quebec

The Liberal MP and leadership candidate blamed the country’s problems on Albertans controlling the political agenda in a 2010 French-language television show that resurfaced this week.

The interview didn’t make any waves in Quebec when it first aired but some pundits now argue Trudeau was out of line.

One newspaper columnist hypothesized about what would happen if the tables were turned, and Quebec were on the receiving end of such comments.

Yves Boisvert of Montreal’s La Presse said Quebecers would be outraged if another high-profile politician made similar statements about their own province.

Trudeau Liberals admit to having no plan for planting two billion trees

In September of 2019, the Trudeau Liberals, seeking reelection, announced an ambitious promise to plant 2 billion new trees in Canada by 2030 “to help fight climate change and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.” The program, announced by then-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, was supposed to create 3,500 seasonal jobs.

“Trees are a huge asset, providing shading and cooling,” McKenna said in October of 2019. “Our Party’s commitment to tree planting is an opportunity to get more trees planted where they are needed most.”

Federal auditor general says her office needs extra $31M to fulfil its government watchdog mandate

Canada’s auditor general says her office needs at least $31 million in additional funding to fulfil its watchdog mandate, more than twice the amount requested by her predecessor three years ago.

“The money is absolutely necessary in order to deliver our mandate the way we’d like to. As of now, we are focused on auditing the government’s response to the pandemic as well as its infrastructure plan, but the government is still doing a lot of other work and spending and purchases elsewhere,” Auditor General Karen Hogan told members of the federal public accounts committee Thursday.

“So we need the money to be able to modernize our office as well as expand the list of subjects we could audit.”

Anti-Anglophone Prejudice NOW SYSTEMIC In Justin Trudeau’s Canada

“White people need to show up to conversations about race and be prepared to listen without centring their own experiences,” said Natasha Tony on CBC’s On The Coast.

In other words–hey whitey–sit down, shut up and listen as your communities are branded racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

Trudeau Govt Begin New Decade With Full-Scale DEMOGRAPHIC ASSAULT On “Old Stock” Canada

A new decade is upon Canadian society–and never in the history of our nation have things looked so grim for the future of Anglophone Canada.

The Trudeau Government has set out a multi-year immigration levels plan that commits to welcoming more permanent residents to Canada over the next three years. In 2018, the Department expects to welcome between 290,000 and 330,000 new permanent residents (with a target of 310,000), which is the highest level in recent history.

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