February 16, 2024

Trump Halftime – He Gets US – Elections Canada

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How Trump Won Using Strategic Branding, and What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Him

Specialization is better than generalization, Trump teaches us. That’s why white working-class men loved him.

It doesn’t matter if you’re thrilled or outraged or something in between at seeing Donald Trump become our new president-elect. Objectively, Trump ran an impressive and surprising political campaign, and it’s because of his penchant for personal branding and marketing that he won in such an astounding upset.


For 2nd straight year, Super Bowl watchers see ‘He Gets Us’ ads featuring Jesus partly funded by Hobby Lobby family

For the second year in a row, a religious Super Bowl ad campaign promised viewers that Jesus “gets us.”

Two commercials shown Sunday night centered Jesus’ message to love your neighbors — even across ideological divides. In one, people of different races, classes and gender expressions have their feet washed, including a woman outside a family planning clinic.


Special counsel describes Biden as ‘elderly man with a poor memory’ in eyebrow-raising report

Special counsel Robert Hur on Thursday released a 388-page report on President Biden’s retention of classified material, finding the president frequently showed limitations with his memory and recall.

While the report concluded no charges should be brought against the president, its language describing Biden, 81, is likely to be campaign fodder for Republicans who have repeatedly raised questions about the president’s ability to serve.


Elections Canada launches online disinformation tool to prepare voters for next federal election

Elections Canada is trying to insulate Canadian voters from false narratives and information during the next federal election by launching an online tool to help voters cut through misinformation and disinformation about the electoral process in Canada.

The ElectoFacts website, launched this week, provides factual information to debunk the most common misconceptions observed by Elections Canada officials in recent years.


Justin Trudeau’s attacks on Pierre Poilievre not working, poll suggests

The Abacus Data survey, provided exclusively to the Toronto Star, suggests a 19 point lead for the Conservatives over the governing Liberals, with the support of 43 per cent of those polled compared to 24 per cent.