March 26, 2021

UNDRIP – Alberta MLA Recall A Joke

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Implementing UNDRIP is a Big Deal for Canada. Here’s What You Need to Know.

First opposed, then endorsed. It’s now pledged, but called “unworkable.”

In Canada the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is not ratified, nor from a legal perspective even really understood.

The history of Canada’s relationship with Indigenous rights has been a sordid one. But all that was supposed to change with the nation’s latecomer adoption of the declaration. After years of federal Conservative inaction on the file, Justin Trudeau took to the campaign trail with a promise to restore Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples.

UCP’s recall legislation too unwieldy to work but citizens’ initiative shows promise

Another bill would give citizens the ability to have policies and legislation placed on the ballot during provincial elections.

After the shameful behaviour of several UCP MLAs flying off over Christmas for tropical vacations during lockdown, you might think the bigger win is recall. But the citizens’ initiative law will likely work out to be the bigger deal.

To be frank, the recall bill is too complex and the threshold for forcing a byelection too high for it to be of much use in dealing with misbehaving MLAs.

On the other hand, the initiative bill strikes a better balance. It would be just difficult enough to force a referendum that our ballots won’t become overloaded. Yet, the threshold is low enough that if, say, half the population gets worked up about an issue, they could plausibly compel our elected leaders to deal with it.

Maxime Bernier says Erin O’Toole is ‘Liberal-lite,’ unlike his People’s Party

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier launched a full-throated attack on Erin O’Toole Monday, accusing the newly minted Conservative leader of wearing a “true blue” mask during the leadership campaign and warning that he is really “Liberal-lite.”

The assault on O’Toole’s conservative credentials came only hours after the former military officer, lawyer and cabinet minister won the Conservative leadership by defeating his main rival Peter MacKay on the third ballot.

Sloan: The Great Purge Has Begun

When I was ejected from the Conservative caucus, I made it clear the controversy wasn’t just about me, but about silencing the many thousands of voices like mine within the party, and in society.

They want people like me to vote and donate to the party, but otherwise to sit down and shut-up. It’s why the party got so upset when I started encouraging my followers to attend the upcoming Conservative Convention. They are scared that strong Conservatives will actually take action against the Red-Tory, Liberal-lite leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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