October 29, 2020

Vote Trump – Paid For Media- Trudeau Conflicts

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Democrats willing to tank the economy, trash the Constitution and empower bullies to defeat Trump

Over the last six months, it has become increasingly obvious there is no limit on how far Democrats and their media allies are willing to go to bring down President Trump. Because of their obsessive hatred of the president, they have wantonly placed our economy at risk of collapse, created a false constitutional crisis, and most recently, opposed the takedown of an Iranian terrorist leader.

In August, it was the economy. We were told repeatedly that a recession was imminent. The Washington Post ran an article titled “Stocks losses deepen as a key recession warning surfaces” discussing how recession signals had “intensified.” CNN ran an article stating, “Two recession warning signs are here.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., published an article titled, “The Coming Economic Crash — And How to Stop It.”


Democrats Are Actively Rooting For Economic Collapse

Democrats are actively hoping for the economy to continue to collapse so that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden can beat President Donald Trump in November.

In an article titled, “The general election scenario that Democrats are dreading,” Politico reported that multiple Biden campaign officials and Democratic strategists are dismayed at the possibility of an economic boom in the months before the presidential election. The coronavirus pandemic caused much of the country to shut down, which has led to the highest number of people filing for unemployment since the Great Depression.


Trump Crushes Record for Largest GDP Increase in US History — 3rd Quarter GDP Up 33.1%

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released its initial estimates for GDP growth in the 3rd Quarter and the result crushed all previous records!
The BEA estimates that the 3rd Quarter of 2020 recorded the largest quarterly GDP increase in US history. Today’s estimates show the US GDP increased by 33.1% for the quarter.


200 Quebec fitness businesses says they will reopen despite COVID-19 restrictions

A coalition of about 200 Quebec gym, yoga, dance and martial arts business owners say they intend to reopen their doors on Thursday in defiance of provincial health rules.

The businesses are calling on Quebec Premier Francois Legault to lift COVID-19 restrictions that forced fitness facilities to close this month.

In a statement, they say their facilities contribute to the overall physical and mental health of the population and they were not the source of COVID-19 outbreaks.

They say the lockdown measures will force them out of business after they’ve made significant investments to comply with health measures during the pandemic.


Trudeau was the subject of the single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history…and he’s still prime minister!

McCall MacBain $928,000 gift to Trudeau family represents single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history


The Deep State – The Trudeau Government, Lobbyists and the Legalization of Corruption in Canada

What many people outside of Ottawa don’t understand is that there is a parallel system of government in Ottawa. This Deep State has more power than the elected MPs and Ministers who are supposed to run the country. These people are the lobbyists who ply their trade with the efficiency of a surgeon’s scalpel. They ensure that banks, telecoms, airlines, special interest groups and large corporations like SNC Lavalin (SNC) can skirt the rules. They might even make special ones providing protections that everyday taxpayers would never receive. The big banks and credit card companies in Canada continually rake in billions of dollars in profits each quarter through services fees and other outrageous charges that can only be made in an uncompetitive, monopolistic banking structure—ever wonder how? These banks have a permanent lobby in Ottawa known as the Canadian Banking Association. They monitor legislation and issues, meet with key Ministers, and spin jargon to claim they are actually competitive businesses in order to justify their constant consumer fee increases and monopolistic banking practices.


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