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on October 10, 2015 in World News

Hillary A ‘Unbelievably Useless, Terrible Candidate,’ ‘Talent-Free Hack’

Andrew Sullivan: Hillary A ‘Unbelievably Useless, Terrible Candidate,’ ‘Talent-Free Hack’ by Ian Hanchett Blogger Andrew Sullivan slammed Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a “talent-free hack,” and openly wondered if “she has any core beliefs” on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.” Sullivan began by criticising “This unbelievably useless, terrible candidate of Hillary Clinton, who has shown no –.” After host Bill Maher asked Sullivan to explain, he asked, “Have you ever — has she ever given a speech that you were inspired by? Does she have any good retail skills? Is she able to come across on… View Article

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