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Why escaping the EU disaster is not an option, it’s obligatory

Whether your main interest is equality, liberty, democracy, economic survival, sovereignty, debt reduction, increased export potential, encouraging entrepreneurs, fiscal independence, social fairness, overpopulation, community mutualism or calling leaders to account, it has become abundantly clear since 2008 that you will have to forfeit every one of these aspirations if your preference is to stay within the European Union.

The EU is run by an unelected élite which largely ignores the individual, ignores election results, ignores State sovereignty, ignores debt mountains, ignores currency realities, ignores poverty, ignores its responsibilities and above all, ignores every legal and constitutional obstacle in its way.

It is dominated by a Germany sailing at Full Ahead Both towards a confrontation with co-founder France. It puts the banking system before citizens. It puts corporate shareholder needs before workers’ rights. And it puts The Great Federal Project before any considerations of cost, practicality, Member State rights, social anthropology and freedoms of speech.

In order to achieve ‘escape velocity’ however, the Brexit campaign needs to be cohesive, on the front foot, and persuading all the perfectly decent people out there who are confused, and thus undecided, about the pros and cons.

22nd February 2016

This page has been updated in the light of Boris Johnson’s conflicts being over at last, and the now official date of June 23rd 2016 for the Camerondum.

BREXIT: Stay or leave, do not be fooled: this not about economic dangers.

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