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Obama arms drug dealers in Mexico, terrorist in Syria but is trying to disarm the American law abiding public. What gives here?. Why would a President do this?. Maybe we should ask Stalin or Mao, I think they have same philosophy as Obama.

Mayor Michael Applebaum, who took the reins at Montreal city hall on a promise to tackle corruption and restore public trust, now faces a battery of corruption-related charges himself, and a chorus of calls from the Quebec Premier and others to resign.
Mr. Applebaum was arrested at his home early Monday morning, leaving Montrealers’ confidence further shaken and raising vexing questions about political leadership in Canada’s biggest cities.

The Associated Press this morning has an early look at the Pentagon’s specific plans to remove the remaining restrictions that have kept female soldiers from combat and other positions near the front lines. The plans, likely to be formally unveiled later today, will include reviewing—and likely changing—the physical and mental standards that men and women need to meet in order to qualify for certain positions across the four branches, and would set one common standard for both sexes for each specific job.
The plans also include the rough outline for when women could become a Navy SEAL or Army Ranger, two of the most high-profile and demanding jobs within the military

In 1850, the British inventor William O’Shaughnessy — who would later become famous for his early experiments with medical cannabis — sent a coded message over a telegraph line in India. His telegram would usher in a new age of communication in and for India, connecting the country in a way that had never before been possible.

Now, sometime on July 14, 2013, someone in India will have a dubious honor: he or she will send the country’s last telegram. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, India’s state-run telecom company, will shutter its telegram service, bringing the long era of Indian telegraphy from a dash … to a full stop.

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