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65,000 Rounds Donated for Rifle Training at Boy Scouts Camp


CBS St. Louis is reporting that scouts attending the Boy Scouts of America Cornhusker Council day camp will be able to shoot real rifles for firearm training thanks to a donation of 65,000 rounds of ammunition.

Prior to receiving these bullets, camp personnel thought the scouts would have to shoot air rifles instead.

Cornhusker Council district director Jerad Reimers said he had asked “suppliers for bullets but came up empty-handed.” He then asked gun shops, and received about 1,500 rounds in donations. From there, word began to spread and people from all over the country began to donate.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported that one man from Iowa personally donated 10,000 rounds.

Cornhusker Council camp program director William Cover said: “We in America have a culture that does involve firearms. We want to make sure our young people are instructed in their proper and safe usage.”

Troop 256 Scoutmaster Kevin Potratz added, “Knowing about firearms is just good citizenship.”

The 65,000 rounds will enable scouts at Cornhusker Council’s day camp to shoot real rifles for the next three years.

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