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Man Kills Prostitute, No Charges – Politicians Moonlighting

If you want to kill a prostitute or escort, you may want to consider moving to Texas.
Wednesday, A Bexar County jury delivered on verdict on a case involving a man who fatally shot an escort in the neck and back. Here is what the prosecution, the defense and, of course, the defendant all agreed happened. Ezekiel Gilbert, 27 at the time, found an ad for an escort on Craigslist on Christmas Eve, 2009. The escort, Lenora Ivie Frago, 23, came to Gilbert’s apartment that night. The two did not have sex. Gilbert shot Frago in the neck and back. Frago was paralyzed. Frago died months later. The defense claims that Gilbert paid Frago $150 for sex. She refused to have sex with him and walked around his apartment for twenty minutes. Gilbert asked for his money back and Frago refused, saying she had to give it to her driver/ pimp. Gilbert shot Frago in the neck and back. Frago was paralyzed and died months later.

His political opponents can try to find a scandal in Justin Trudeau’s collection of speaking fees, but it simply isn’t there. All the evidence so far suggests he’s been well within all the rules and more transparent than he had to be.
In other words, this is not anything like the allegations of inappropriate personal enrichment coming from the Senate, or the corruption scandal in Quebec.
But actions reflect on character, even when those actions are not illicit. The fact that Trudeau cleared his practices with the ethics commissioner doesn’t prevent Canadians from cringing when they read that the wealthy Trudeau refused, at least at first, to refund the $20,000 fee for a charity that lost money on his event.

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