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Corrupt Ontario Politicians – Senators Must Return Money


What’s it going to take for NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to bring down Ontario’s politically corrupt Liberal government?
If the findings of the province’s information and privacy commissioner that senior aides to then-premier Dalton McGuinty and his energy minister deliberately broke the law by deleting e-mails related to the Liberals’ gas plants scandal won’t do it, what will?

Horwath knows the report by Dr. Ann Cavoukian on the Liberals’ attempted coverup of information related to the two cancelled gas plants could not have been more devastating to Liberal credibility.

To be clear, Cavoukian didn’t cite Premier Kathleen Wynne as guilty of wrongdoing.
But Horwath herself says she doesn’t believe Wynne’s claim she knew nothing about the Liberals’ cover-up efforts while a senior cabinet minister in the McGuinty government.
As the NDP leader put it: “I don’t believe for a minute that she (Wynne) took the reins of power of this party without knowing all along what had been done in terms of the coverup.” Think about that. Horwath is saying Wynne isn’t telling the truth when she claims ignorance about the attempted Liberal cover-up of information relating to their decision to cancel the gas plants.

Nov. 22, 2012: Senate internal economy committee tasks three senators with reviewing Sen. Patrick Brazeau’s housing allowance.

Dec. 4: The Ottawa Citizen reports that Sen. Mike Duffy has claimed $33,413 in living expenses for a secondary home in Ottawa. Key quote: Mike Duffy: “I have done nothing wrong, and am frankly tired of your B.S.”

Dec. 7: The Senate decides to audit residency claims after questions are raised about Sen. Mac Harb’s allowances. Key quote: David Tkachuk: “Your primary residence is what you say your primary residence is … It’s where you file your income taxes from, where you get your mail.”

Dec. 12: A letter to senators tells them they have to provide their health card, driver’s licence, income tax return and signed letter stating where they vote, in order to prove their residency claims. Key quote: David Tkachuk: “Residency is a very complicated issue. The Senate has never tested it.”

December: During a Conservative Senate caucus meeting (the date is not clear), Duffy is asked to repay his housing allowance. One Tory senator in the room suggests Duffy resign his Senate seat.

Jan. 3: The Senate officially hires auditing firm Deloitte to review Sen. Pamela Wallin’s travel expenses for the period of April 2011 until September 2012.

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