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Axelrod Uses Zimmerman Verdict to Push Gun Control













David Axelrod Uses Zimmerman Verdict to Push Gun Control

On July 14, close Obama adviser David Axelrod quickly resorted to Twitter to use the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial as a call for stricter gun control.

In one Tweet, Axelrod issued the inflammatory claim that George Zimmerman “stalked” Trayvon Martin. The presidential confidant also claimed that Martin was “minding his own business” when he was shot. This is undermined by evidence of the beating that Zimmerman suffered at the hands of Martin.

In a second Tweet, Axelrod criticized Zimmerman for having a gun that night, as if blaming the gun itself for the incident.

One reply to Axelrod’s Tweet was a logical retort to the politico’s obvious anti-gun point: “Right, and what would have happened was that Trayvon would have continued to bash George’s head until George was dead.,” Tweeted Political Splash.

Another Twitter user warned that Axelrod was creating another “crises” that is too good to waste.

Many others also criticized Axelrod’s move to turn the Zimmerman trial to his political advantage.

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