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Carry Permit Backlog – Illinois Concealed carry Law

If you’re awaiting your handgun carry permit, you’re not alone.

Carry Permit Backlog – Illinois Concealed carry Law
45,000 Hoosiers are part of a big backlog of applications but Indiana State Police say they’ve got a new plan to fight it.

Among the 45,000 Hoosiers waiting for their handgun carry licenses is gun store owner, Mike Hilton. “Getting to the point now I’m kind of wondering if the paperwork got lost,” said Hilton. “I renewed mine the end of April and I’m still waiting for my renewal.”
Hilton is part of a big permit backlog.
Sixty days is the required time for Indiana State Police to process the permits, but Hoosiers have been waiting over 110.

Illinois became the last state to lift its ban on the concealed carry of firearms Tuesday, according to the Chicago Tribune.
The state legislature voted to override Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of initial legislation to allow and regulate concealed carry.
After the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Illinois’s ban on concealed carry unconstitutional last December, Quinn issued an amendatory veto to the legislation the first time it was passed, suggesting harsher restrictions on where and how concealed carry would be permitted. The House voted 77-31 to override Quinn’s veto and pass the original legislation governing legal concealed carry of weapons, and the Senate followed suit in a 41-17 vote. The law now passed by the state legislature allows concealed carry in restaurants whose sales revenue is less than 50 percent alcohol but bans firearms in a series of public places, including public transit, schools, libraries and parks.

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