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Big Mac Attack hits Vietnam – Bounty On Drones

McDonald’s said Tuesday it will open its first burger restaurant in Vietnam after awarding the franchise to the son-in-law of the Communist-ruled nation’s prime minister.
The fast-food chain is a relative latecomer to Vietnam where other Western consumer brands such as Starbucks, Subway and Pizza Hut have already opened stores.
Despite a slowdown in growth from torrid levels, Vietnam’s youthful population is a strong lure for foreign companies.
It also represents the latest chapter in the march of McDonald’s across the world, including countries with which the United States shares a bloody history.
The company said it will open its first restaurant early next year in Ho Chi Minh city, where the U.S.-backed government was based until it fell to Communist forces 38 years ago.

In the small Colorado town of Deer Trail, residents may soon be allowed to shoot down flying robots. The town board is considering an ordinance that would not only permit people with hunting licenses to fire bullets at drones, but would also pay them $100 for each mechanical hide with federal markings.
Sidestepping the fact that destroying government drones like this is a federal crime, bullets fired skyward have a very poor public health record when they plummet back to the ground. Federal policy already rules out armed drone strikes against American citizens within the U.S. (provided the Americans are not enemy combatants) so there’s a very real chance that more people would die from missed anti-drone bullets than would be killed by drones domestically.

Illinois lawmakers overrode Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of concealed carry legislation on Tuesday, but it will likely be 2014 before any firearm owners are permitted to pack handguns in public.
The last state to adopt a concealed carry law, Illinois now has to set about building a bureaucracy to process applications — which could number in the hundreds of thousands in the first year — screening out people with prohibitive criminal records or conditions of mental illness that police believe could make them dangerous if armed

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