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Minimum Wage – Mugged Man buys Gun Defends Himself

Minimum Wage – Mugged Man buys Gun Defends Himself
Raising minimum wage is not intended to help anyone but the very rich and their political lackeys. But President Obama, who proposed last week to bring the federal minimum wage up to $9 an hour from $7.25, doesn’t seem to realize this.
Not only will an increase in the minimum wage destroy the ability of millions to get a job, and it will help perpetuate a system of American Serfdom and Economic Slavery.
One of the problems with a technologically advanced society is that the ruling elite have a much harder time finding poor, uneducated, unskilled labor to serve as cheap domestic servants or manual laborers, and to fill industrial “fetch and carry” positions. Historically, the answer to this problem has been to create a “second class citizen.” Some countries, such as France or Germany, have done it with immigrants who get segregated into cultural ghettos and provide a supply of cheap labor as needed.
The other alternative, which has been practiced in India and some Muslim countries for centuries, is to create a lower class that is culturally barred from rising above its assigned role in society. Although culturally safer, since the home country doesn’t have to worry about cultural contamination, this system of economic serfdom is dependent upon keeping the serf class uneducated and unskilled.

A man in Houston found himself the target of an armed robbery six weeks ago. Refusing to be a victim again, he bought a handgun, which proved to be a wise decision when three armed suspects attempted to rob him for a second time Thursday morning.According to KHOU, the victim, who did not wish to be identified, was standing outside of his office building near his SUV when he was approached by three men, two of which were armed with handguns. Although instead of handing over his valuables, the intended victim grabbed his newly purchased gun from his vehicle and fired several shots, striking two of the suspects.

The suspects then got into a scuffle with the victim and were able to wrestle his gun away. However, they dropped it as they quickly tried to leave the area, deciding it wasn’t quite worth the effort to continue to fight with the man.

One suspect ran to a nearby convenience store seeking help, but left before police arrived. The second suspect wasn’t able to leave the scene, as he was struck in the abdomen and severely injured. According to one witness, “He kept sitting down, he took his shirt, rolled it up, put it to his belly. He was seriously injured.”

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