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Home owner shoots, kills intruder with shotgun












KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An early morning home invasion ended with the suspected intruder shot and killed.

Police said a home owner in the 9000 block of N. Garfield in Kansas City, Mo., shot a man who broke into his home just after 5:30 Wednesday morning. The shooting victim suffered life-threatening injuries and died inside the residence. He was 30 years old. Police released his identity on Thursday.

Police said the suspected home intruder was responsible for a series of crimes early Wednesday morning. Police said he stole a vehicle in Clay County, Mo., and crashed it near NE 79th Street. After stealing a second car, Gladstone police pursued him. The suspect ended up driving that car through a garage.

Rheuan Creason was home alone when she heard the man rummaging through her garage. She quickly locked the door leading to the house but she says she wasn’t scared. She figured he just wanted her stuff.

“And then he banged on the door trying to get it open and that’s when I decided I better get out,” she said.

Creason says the man took a hammer, hatchet and BB gun along with her car.

“At the time I didn’t know he was getting into other people houses and property,” she said.

Police said when he left Creason’s, the suspect then car jacked a third vehicle – a Ford F150 — at gunpoint at a HyVee near Indiana. Police said the suspect ditched that truck at 92nd and North Brooklyn and from there broke into a home near 90th and Garfield where he fought with the home owner. The suspect fled the scene and broke into a second home, which is where he was shot and killed.

“Officers were looking for him in the neighborhood,” said Tye Grant, spokesperson with the Kansas City Police Department. “He evidently confronted the home owner at this house where they got in a little bit of a fight. The home owner got away. He [the suspect] took off. The suspect then went to this house – two houses down – broke into that home. The home owner there confronted him. They got in a fight. The home owner eventually retrieved a shotgun from his residence. Believed this guy was armed. That ended up with the home owner shooting the suspect and he is now deceased inside the residence.”

Vince Frew encountered the suspect at his house. He says the man tried to steal his car, but gave up and ran off when he realized Frew didn’t have his keys on him.

“I hear a gunshot coming from the other end of the neighborhood and about five seconds later I hear a second gunshot,” Frew said.

Prior to the shooting, police received a call from a woman inside the home who said a man was trying to break in. The woman told police she was hiding in a closet with her baby and that her husband was armed with a gun and was prepared to shoot the person. Shortly after, the suspected intruder was shot.

“Break into somebody’s house, to me it’s a risk you take. I’m all for a home owner being armed,” said Frew. “It could have been me. If I would have had my gun on me at the time, I probably would have done the same exact thing. You approach me on my property to carjack me basically, I’ve got a family that I’ve got to worry about.”

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