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Gun Applications Soar in Maryland Ahead of Gun Ban













Gun Applications Soar in Maryland Ahead of Gun Ban

This year, Maryland passed strict gun-control legislation. In response, residents have flooded the state police with applications to purchase weapons, before the new law takes effect. Through August, more than 85,000 residents have made new requests to purchase firearms. This is almost double the amount who sought buy guns in all of 2011.

The Maryland law, pushed through by Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley and a Democrat legislature, bans 45 types of “assault weapons” and limits ammunition magazines to a maximum of ten rounds. Possessing these weapons and magazines would be legal, however, if purchased before the law’s October 1 effective date. Residents in Maryland have responded to this incentive by stock-piling guns.

Consider this a Democrat stimulus plan for gun dealers.

“Because of the gun ban, business has been booming,” said Al Koch, store manager at Bart’s Sports World, a Glen Burnie-based gun shop. “It’s been busy like crazy with people making last-minute decisions.”

The state police have had to increase staff to handle the flood of new gun purchases. Last year, 38 employees were processing the criminal background checks required for gun purchases. This year, the department has 73 full-time employees and 60 temporary, part-time workers handling the backlog.

It seems gun control is the only policy Democrats have to create jobs.

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