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Support NRA and CSSA – Women and Self Defence

Support NRA and CSSA – Women and Self Defence

Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament Garry Breitkreuz has discovered that the federal government is misleading the public about the number of firearms in Canada.  Millions more Guns in Canada than the Government will Admit  The following Justice Department data shows that the government did not take their own advice and instead used the lowest possible  numbers as the “official” number of firearms owners.   Note that, the very first paragraph says, “..based on cumulative research evidence – that the number of firearm owners and firearms will – in reality – fall between the low and medium range.”  Yet the Liberal government has consistently used 2.3 Million  as the official number of firearms owners in order to make the compliance rate look better.  As a side note, the CFC Website document concerning the Estimated Number of Firearms Owners in Canada is not available because it is being “revised.” One can only wonder if this “revision” involves changing the Estimated Number to closely match the number of licences that were applied for?

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Women and self defence

While this article may be disputed, but in my humble opinion, guns are a much better gift for a woman than any piece of jewelry. A firearm in a woman’s hand is honestly probably the greatest step toward safety that there is. Firearms are a guarantee of rights for all people, guaranteeing equality when it comes to security. Many evil men feel they can overpower a woman with ease; hopefully, they are only able to make this mistake once. The old saying that “God made all men, but Samuel Colt made them equal,” applies just as well to women as to men. For a long time guns have been seen as a man’s territory, but as you can see in shows like Top Shot, this will not be the norm for long. Jessie Duff is lighting the fire for female shooters. She shoots professionally and is sponsored by Taurus. Watching her shoot in competition should change anyone’s mind when it comes to firearms being a “man” thing. With more and more females taking an interest in firearms and their own security, many women are choosing their first guns for self-defense.

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