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Propaganda Leftwing Press – Socialist Trudeau’s

Propaganda Leftwing Press – Socialist Trudeau’s

The world of instant News availability for Canadians from a variety of sources, including the internet, CTV, Global, etc., why do we need a Government owned (read taxpayer subsidized) expensive CBC?

The CBC can be successfully privatized (CBC English, CBC French) to an array of qualified Canadian business groups such as Rogers, TELUS, Pattison and others, similar to the Liberal Government’s smart privatization of Petro Canada and Air Canada.

The Billions of dollars earned from the privatization of the CBC could pay down our debt and the $100,000,000 sucked from Tax Payers every 30 days could be re-directed to our critical Health Care needs, perhaps even adding Dental coverage for Canadians.

CBCExposed is the only authoritative 24/7 source exposing the waste of the CBC. We also show how the CBC’s biased approach to News and Information content — a failure of Journalism 101 – continues to represent only the left wing despite taxing every Canadian and every cable and satellite user across Canada.

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Learn about Dr. Frans Leenen, who the CBC’s fifth estate slandered and then refused to apologize resulting in the largest Libel ever awarded against the Media in Canadian history. Taxpayers paid the damages. The B in CBC is for Bully.

Read and act, you can make a difference. Contact your MP; tell her/him it’s time to Privatize the CBC.

There was a disturbing void in most reporting on the death of Pierre Trudeau during the idolizing media frenzy and pomp surrounding his death and lavish Catholic funeral. Very little of the substantial negatives of Trudeau’s policies were addressed. The media canonization of the former Prime Minister further conditioned Canadians to continue to be led in a deadly wrong direction by the Chretien Liberals.

Balance was seriously needed. Although some of the negatives were addressed by a few writers, Trudeau’s legacy on moral issues has been almost totally suppressed. This article is an attempt to correct the imbalance and place the former Prime Minister’s policies on these issues in their proper historical perspective as the ones that had the greatest impact on our nation.

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