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Ford More Popular than Obama – Forbes says Impeach Obama

Ford More Popular than Obama – Forbes says Impeach Obama
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted to smoking crack cocaine and being a raging alcoholic, ranted about killing someone on tape and knocked down an elderly councilwoman – and yet he has a higher approval rating than the president of the United States.
According to the latest poll carried out by Forum Research, the foul-mouthed, irascible Toronto mayor continues to enjoy a 42 per cent job performance rating.
Mayor Ford’s job performance rating is also five times higher than the U.S. Congress, which on average currently stands at paltry 7.5 per cent.
‘There is your personal life and all the crazy stuff that you do — and for sure he’s got some crazy things there — and then there is what you deliver on your job,’ Forum Research President Lorne Bozinoff told the Sun News Network.

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Impeach Obama

It is one thing when a fringe blog or right-wing news organization calls for the impeachment of a liberal President.
It is another thing entirely when prominently publishes a call for the impeachment of a liberal President, claiming his tyrannical disregard for the US Constitution has sent the US to the brink of a Banana Republic:
The shocking fact is that our whole system of representative government depends on it being led by an individual who believes in it; who thinks it is valuable; who believes that a government dedicated to the protection of individual rights is a noble ideal. What if he does not?

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Obama Untrustworthy

A majority of Americans think President Barack Obama is untrustworthy, according to a new poll that also found doubts about the president’s management abilities.

Fifty-three percent believe Obama is not honest and trustworthy, the CNN/ORC poll released Monday shows, noting a “clear majority” for the first time on this issue since the president took office.Additionally, only 40 percent believe the president can manage the federal government effectively, down 12 points since June. The poll also shows that 53 percent do not view Obama as a strong and decisive leader.

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