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TEAM CSSA E-NEWS – December 09, 2013


TEAM CSSA E-NEWS – December 09, 2013
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Anglers, hunters, trappers and sport shooters can take great pride in the Outdoors Caucus Association of Canada (OCAC) and the Fur Institute of Canada’s Inaugural Banquet and Live Auction held in Ottawa on December 3.

The non-partisan gala event endorsed a theme that is important to us all – “A celebration of Canada’s conservation heritage.” The event provides an apt reminder to all Canadians that our outdoor heritage activities mean a great deal to so many. The 160 guests included MPs, Senators, and representatives from various outdoors industries and wildlife federations. The title sponsors were the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association (CSIA) and North American Fur Auctions (NAFA). Highlights of the evening included a wild game supper, fur fashion show, silent and live auctions and speeches delivered by MP Garry Breitkreuz, OCAC chair Phil Morlock and Fur Institute of Canada chair David Hutton.

The banquet highlights the common ground shared by anglers, hunters, trappers, sport shooters, and the multi-billion dollar industry that serves the Canadian public. Tens of thousands of Canadian jobs are inextricably linked to these outdoors heritage endeavours and bringing these groups together to discuss common interests is an asset to all concerned.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) has a seat on the OCAC board of directors and is gratified to see the generous response from sponsors and donors for this first-of-a-kind event. Most people involved in the outdoors community have learned that it’s essential to view our heritage activities from a non-partisan, all-party perspective. Fishing, hunting, trapping and sport shooting belong to all Canadians, regardless of political stripe.

There is ample proof that non-partisanship is the only route to successfully promote outdoors issues. Witness the renowned and highly successful Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus (CSC) in Washington D.C. It is an excellent example of why and how all political parties should be included in promoting the heritage sports. In offering his congratulations to the OCAC in writing, CSC President Jeff Crane notes that the all-party approach in the U.S. transcends political bias and continues to serve the industry even when a different party is elected to govern the country.

“As its American counterpart,” Crane writes, “the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus (CSC) is proud to share the mission and vision of the non-partisan OCAC. For 25 years, the CSC has been the voice of the American sportsman and woman in the halls of our federal government, and has grown into one of the largest and most effective caucuses in the U.S. Congress, with nearly 300 members of the House and Senate representing almost 50 states.

“With direct support from CSF (Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation),” he adds, “the CSC has maintained its effectiveness in championing the sportsmen’s agenda in Congress even through shifts in political power. While the threats to our sportsmen’s heritage are ever present, the CSC remains an identified group of allies continuously working as pro-sportsmen elected officials to protect and advance hunting, recreational fishing and shooting and trapping. I congratulate the Outdoors Caucus Association of Canada and the Fur Institute of Canada for bringing the mission of protecting and advancing the outdoors heritage to Canada and for their historic event that will undoubtedly be a huge success. As OCAC continues to grow, all of us at CSF look forward to the opportunity to work with our neighbor to the north and grow a partnership that will further our success of protecting our outdoor traditions in North America.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.



The will of Parliament clearly states that non-restricted firearms transfer information must not be kept since the long-gun registry has been scrapped. So, where’s the beef?

The recording of transfer information for non-restricted firearms continues, in spite of the orders passed down by our elected federal MPs to cease and desist. The registry data is obviously old, wonky and inaccurate, but a future government might still pretend to resurrect it to fool Canadians into thinking they will be safer. The NDP is on the record as saying it would kick-start the whole circus all over again. Gun records need to be treated with the scorched-earth treatment they deserve. The government should be saddened to know that 99.999 percent of gun owners believe there are long-gun registry copies hidden in the bottom drawer at every cop shop. Much of the goodwill that the government intended to bank from Bill C-19 is in the wind.

There remain multi-millions of firearms records in circulation that Parliament mandated to be destroyed. Given that the federal government has given the order to stop recording sales transactions, it seems odd that they turn a blind eye as it continues, leading one to believe they do not know. Part of the problem lies in the complexity of firearms legislation – few Canadians understand what the laws mean, and this includes the majority of MPs on Parliament Hill. They don’t complain because they don’t understand how their orders are being completely ignored by those who inhabit Canada’s Chief Firearms Offices (CFOs).

It appears that records continue to be kept even for the exempt non-restricted transfers by the majority of dealers across Canada in the CFO’s “Ledgers” resident in gun shops. The books remain the property of the CFO and subject to their inspection at any time. Not surprisingly, the dealers and distributors who must continue to serve at the pleasure of CFOs are loathe to do anything that would invite the interest or wrath of the CFO. It could be a bad career move for businesses to anger a CFO, so many continue to write down all transfers in the CFO’s ledgers, including the sale of exempt non-restricted firearms. How is this different from maintaining a firearms registry?

Without question, firearms dealers need to maintain some form of sales records for inventory and warranty purposes, but there is no reason to continue using a government-owned book that the CFO can scoop without a warrant. When a CFO calls the ledger in to his office, all transfer information is at the tip of his fingers, which is exactly why the Conservatives scrapped the registry in the first place. There is no need to record firearms transactions that involve citizens who are previously deemed trustworthy.

We can tell with some certainty, that not one single ledger record has been destroyed, despite legislation that demands it.

Where are the MPs with the verve they should be using to protect this information? Why have the government and RCMP that monitor this situation refused to take corrective action against civil servant CFOs that simply thumb their collective nose at Parliament? Furthermore, why has there been no disciplinary action – including dismissal– against those who openly defy the will of Parliament and the laws it has passed? It sets a frightening precedent when a defiant bureaucracy can disobey the law and ignore elected officials in Ottawa with no adverse consequences. By extension, our democratic process is inviting a police state mentality with open arms.

Think we’re exaggerating? Despite the tremendous work of M.P.’s like Cheryl Gallant and Garry Breitkreuz, the feds have been no help since the Ontario CFO announced his personal plan to unilaterally demand written invitations to shooting ranges as part of the Authorization To Transport (ATT.) This power-play is backed up by the razor-sharp teeth of a mandatory three year jail term. CFO Chris Wyatt should be taken to task by the feds for trying to make his own rules as he sees fit, yet it’s the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, once again, single-handed, defending the rights of all Canadian gun owners by taking CFO Wyatt to court. At a time when Parliament should be showing CFOs who’s boss, the CSSA is using its scarce resources to at least roll back the insidious rules to where they were.

Witness, too, the CFOs hypocritical insistence that plastic zip ties not be used to disable firearms at gun shows. It doesn’t matter that zip ties are used in Canada’s court rooms and police stations when guns appear as evidence. It doesn’t matter that there has never been a mishap or foul play at a Canadian gun show. When a CFO makes stupid demands, tempers flare, and on the surface, that appears to be exactly what they want. Do they hope to push good people too far and hope an incident will occur to put a black eye on gun shows? If and when it occurs, we guarantee media reports will make no reference to the niggling entrapment that forced the issue.

The CSSA has had encouraging talks with the new Minister of Public Safety, and we are hopeful there will be positive changes coming down the pike. In the interim, however, firearms owners must continue to fight the fight. We need you to support us as much as you need us to support you.

So, let’s make a deal.




BROTHER OF POLYTECHNIQUE VICTIM TELLS IT LIKE IT IS: Brian Lilley of Sun News conducts an interview with Claude Colgan, the brother of an Ecole Polytechnique shooting victim 24 years after the tragedy. He says after years of research, he discovered the truth about the politics of gun control groups and why they build their empires on a foundation of fear.

“They say the gun registry saves lives – it’s a flat out lie,” says Claude Colgan in the interview. “There’s propaganda all over the place. The articles that are written in the mainstream newspapers media are nothing more than ads for the Coalition for Gun Control.”

See the interview at:


Watch Broken Trust – a Sun News feature documentary featuring noted journalist Lorne Gunter on the High River gun grab by the RCMP. It premiers on December 10 at 7 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. MT on Shaw Digital 177, Bell 506, Shaw Direct 149/517. Can you handle the truth?


GUN SHOW – SUNDAY DECEMBER 15: Held at Woodstock Fairgrounds at 875 Nellis Street, Woodstock, Ontario. From Highway 401 take Highway 2 west to Woodstock and proceed about five minutes into town — watch for Gun Show & Fairgrounds signs on the right and then go just one block to Nellis St. The show runs from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Guests admission is $5 and ladies and accompanied children under 16 are free. There are 200+ tables so lots to see, buy, sell and trade. Plenty of free parking and a good snack bar is available. Upcoming shows can be seen at – our 2014 web page will be up at the beginning of January – for more information please call 905-679-8812. See you there!


U.N. GUN MARKING REGS ON HOLD, BUT STILL THREATEN INDUSTRY: Garry Breitkreuz, Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville, has announced that the Government of Canada is deferring the implementation of the United Nation’s Firearms Marking Regulations for two years, until December 1, 2015.

Compliance with the U.N. marking regulations has been deferred by successive federal governments since becoming law in 2004 because the regulations are too cumbersome and costly for the firearms industry to comply with says Breitkreuz. “Firearms importers weren’t even consulted before these regulations were introduced by the previous Liberal government. As currently written, many firearms manufacturers would have to undergo significant and costly retooling – crippling a viable industry and making Canada’s hunting and other gun sports in Canada increasingly unaffordable. We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar industry that would simply close shop in Canada putting thousands of Canadians out of work,” he says.

Canada signed, but did not ratify, the U.N. Firearms Protocol in 2004, drafted to regulate the international movement of firearms. The marking of firearms is one of several requirements of the international treaty. To comply, Canada requires regulations for the marking of firearms.

“The current system in Canada works just fine,” says Breitkreuz. “These U.N. regulations will not increase public safety in this country. Having an international body regulate the domestic affairs of member nations is ridiculous. Its ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is completely unrealistic.”

The government has deferred the marking regulations in order to consult on the best solution for this legitimate licensed industry, including the possibility of repealing these regulations that Breitkreuz says, have now sat dormant for nearly a decade. (Yorkton News Review – December 6, 2013)


COALITION ON GUN CONTROL STILL EMBRACING FAULTY LOGIC: Have we learned nothing from the Polytechnique tragedy? Nearly a quarter of a century after a gunman killed 14 women at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Canadian gun control is still no further along.
Almost a quarter century has passed since an angry young man killed 14 women with a legally acquired semi-automatic rifle and two 30-bullet (sic) magazines at Montreal’s engineering university, the École Polytechnique. Following the tragedy, the families of the victims, police organizations and public safety experts from across the country successfully fought together to introduce, in 1995, the three pillars of effective gun control: the licensing of all gun owners (akin to driver’s licenses), the registration of all firearms (akin to lifetime vehicle license plates) and a ban on assault weapons. However, since the Harper government won a majority in 2011, all three pillars have been either weakened or eliminated, to the point that Canada’s gun control laws are weaker today than they were in 1989.

Bill C-19 was proclaimed law in April 2012 and authorized the destruction of the records of all seven million long guns registered in Canada. Three quarters of those records have already been destroyed, leaving only those from Quebec — thanks to the tireless efforts of the provincial government to obtain them in order to create its own registry. Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the province’s case. Court procedures protect the Quebec records as well as the long-gun registration itself, which continues to be implemented in the province. But amid all the recent news related to gun control, the Court’s decision represents the only, and by that we mean the only, positive development in recent years for those interested in smarter gun control… (Toronto Star – December 6, 2013)

(Editor’s note to Coalition for Gun Control advocates: The reason that gun control measures are less popular lies in the plethora of hard evidence that none of them work to promote public safety. It’s time the Coalition for Gun Control admits that as you continue 24 years later to publicize the Polytechnique attacker every December 6, you are contributing directly to the attacker’s twisted infamy. There are very likely other mentally ill people out there seeking a similar legacy. In the interest of protecting innocent people everywhere, please stop using the media to convince the mentally ill that they, too, can enjoy posthumous fame if they kill enough people. Ironically, gun control lobbyists are enabling and encouraging the next monster they are trying to stop. You need to admit that you risk becoming a central part of the problem by trying to control the law-abiding. Reining in lawful gun owners is the wrong solution and the wrong group. Your campaign is poised to backfire as you demonstrate that mass murder is a ticket to perpetual celebrity.)



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