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TEAM CSSA SPECIAL REPORT – December 18, 2013

TEAM CSSA SPECIAL REPORT – December 18, 2013




After eight years of consultation and development with Natural Resources Canada, CSSA/CILA are pleased to announce the introduction of new draft regulations for the storage and acquisition of handloading components and ammunition.  These regulations apply specifically to combustible ammunition components regulated under the Explosives Act.  We believe these new regulations will allow greater freedoms to handloaders without presenting significant restrictions for others.


CSSA/CILA were one of the principal organizations responsible for this progressive step forward for handloaders in Canada.  A brief summary of the new proposals is shown below.  To view the entire document, go to the CSSA website (




Current Storage Limit – 10 kg

Proposed Storage Limit (single dwelling unit) – 25 kg propellant af which no more than 10 kg may be black powder + 75 kg in separate storage outside of dwelling with no separation distance

Proposed Storage Limit (multi-dwelling unit) – 5 kg of smokeless or 20 kg smokeless in containers of 1kg or less, 2 kg black powder in bulk in containers of 500 g or less and 3 kg in cartouches and bulk


Primers/Percussion Caps:

Current Storage Limit –  “a reasonable quantity” (reasonable is up to the Judge)

Proposed Storage Limit – Unlimited in original packaging – up to 150 “stored” in loading equipment




Current Storage Limit – “a reasonable quantity”  (reasonable is up to the Judge)

Proposed Storage Limit225 kg NEQ, i.e., propellant loaded into cartridges*




Current – name and address provided at point of sale

Proposed – POL or PAL number (only) required OR name and address recorded for two years



Ammunition: Storage limits for sale – no change (225 kg NEQ)

Propellant: no change (12 kg propellant)**

Primers/Percussion Caps: 10,000 primers for display, unlimited storage if kept in their original packaging

** sellers must enroll on the seller’s list

** More can be stored with a license (quantities would depend on the license).

These regulation are currently posted on the NRCan website and will be published in the Canada Gazette early 2010.

We believe these regulations represent a significant advancement for handloaders and we respectfully request you support them.  These regulations represent the fruit of eight years labour on your behalf by CILA/CSSA through many face to face meetings and countless phone and email communications.  We were delighted to discover that the personnel at NRCan (Explosives Branch) were very professional, cooperative and sympathetic to the needs of firearms owners


Why is the government re-writing these regulations? It is part of a “plain language” re-write of the whole Explosives Act which was written in 1905 and patched ever since.  It is almost illegible and the primary concerns regard fireworks and mining explosives.  The fireworks are probably the biggest concern as the operators of the countless fireworks displays in Canada simply cannot understand the regulations.  As reloading propellants are part of the Act, these regs will be upgraded too as they contain a number of obsolete terminologies such as “reasonable quantity” in a number of places.

What public safety concerns will these new regulations resolve? Explosives Branch has very little safety concern over handloading activities.  Hence, the significantly increased limits. 


Why can’t the old regulations fix these public safety concerns? As stated earlier, the old regs are full of “reasonable quantity” type terminology.  We all know how “reasonable” can be interpreted by arresting officers and judges and today, there is no”reasonable” in courtrooms or legislation.  This re-write spells it out clearly and removes arbitrary interpretation of those terms.


Why will the new regulations will be better for gun owners than the old regulations?  Greatly increased limits for all combustible handloading components with the exception of a small reduction in black powder (in multi-unit dwellings), and a much clearer understanding of limits and requirements.


How much it will cost to implement the new regulations?  It shouldn’t cost anything.  Little is required of handloaders that they aren’t already doing.  As for the government’s costs, it would be minimal. There is no new infrastructure or enforcement



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