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‘Duck Dynasty’ Made Up of ‘Happy Clingers,’ Not ‘Bitter Clingers’

James Lileks: Elites Bothered that ‘Duck Dynasty’ Made Up of ‘Happy Clingers,’ Not ‘Bitter Clingers’

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Thursday night, columnist and blogger James Lileks offered his theory on what is really motivating the backlash aimed at “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. He explained to fill-in host Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) that a rigid opposition to opposing viewpoints and a lifestyle that conflicts with conventional wisdom of the media elites are driving factors in the controversy.

“As we know now, it is not enough to be tolerant and by tolerant I mean just basic tolerance – live and let live, whatever floats your boat, buddy, we’re all in this together – that’s not enough,” Lileks said. “You have to approve. And if you don’t approve, you have to shut up. That’s where we’re at right now. You move beyond approval, the next step is to demand endorsement and require it. And if you don’t, that’s an expression of hate.”

“If you actually believe that we want to drive from the public marketplace of ideas all of the things that do not conform with a narrowly defined set of idea that are presumed to be enlightened, then you are in for the stifling of public conservation and the pillow over the face of what they want, which supposedly is diversity. They don’t want diversity. They want intellectual conformity.”

“I think what really bothers them is what these people are – they’re clingers,” Lileks said. “But they’re not bitter. They’re actual happy clingers. They find meaning in their Bibles and enjoy their guns and they’re not bitter. They actually seem to be enjoying life in a way that is often not manifested in the can-do capitals in which the media elite live. These guys are living out there, living the American dream. They’re shooting things, they’re skinning them and eating them. And they seem to be enjoying themselves. And I wonder if a lot of these people look around the rooms and the places they go, ‘You know what, no one around here is having as much fun as the ‘Duck Dynasty’ guys. What’s wrong with them?’”

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