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Obama and Treason – Trudeau on Pot

Obama and Treason – Trudeau on Pot

A candidate for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives is under fire over a series of controversial tweets.

Joshua Black is running for Florida House District 68, which covers parts of St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park. The Republican candidate perhaps inadvertently raised his profile to a national level on Monday after retweeting somebody’s comment that “I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest [President Obama] and hang him high.” Black added in his retweet that he agreed.
Black explained it’s his opinion the President has committed multiple crimes and if he’s tried and convicted, Obama should be killed.

“I want to see all elected officials face the standard that everyone else faces. They should not be able to write a law and have us face it and then not have them face it,” Black said.
On his Facebook page Black went on to say Obama should be arrested and tried for treason.


An interesting question has emerged in the wake of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s recent string of unfortunate gaffes. Following Trudeau’s ill-thought-out Ladies’ Night last week, during which he unwisely (and perhaps jokingly?) expressed admiration for China’s dictatorial regime, political observers are now wondering about the potency of the Trudeau ‘cool’ factor. Are Canada’s youth becoming wise to the failings of the would-be prime minister? Will Trudeau be unable rouse the under-30 crowd to head to the polls in 2015? And as J.J. McCullough asked in the Huffington Post Monday, can the Tories use these flubs to “turn youth against Trudeau?”

The short answer, of course, is no. Stephen Harper — king of square, anti-pot and perpetually touting a “hidden agenda” — will never turn youth against anyone, never mind Justin Trudeau, who, at the very least, offers some brand recognition over his predecessors. Compared to stuffy old Harper, Trudeau has a long way to go to lose his cool, and would probably have to be spotted courtside with Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman to really damage his street cred among his 18- to 24-year-old admirers.

Arrested for 1 Shotgun Shell

A year ago this month, the attorney general for the District of Columbia let NBC News anchor David Gregory off scot-free for possession of a “high capacity” magazine because doing so “would not promote public safety.”

Now, Irvin Nathan refuses to use that same prosecutorial discretion for an average citizen who violated a bizarre technicality that makes empty casings and shells a crime as serious as having an illegal firearm.
Mr. Witaschek, a successful financial adviser with no criminal history, is the first known case of a citizen being prosecuted in D.C. for inoperable ammunition. Washington police and prosecutors have spent a year and a half trying to nail him for the possession of so-called unregistered ammunition.

A hunter and gun owner, Mr. Witaschek has always kept his firearms at his sister’s house in Virginia. If convicted, he faces a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for having a single, inoperable shotgun shell in his home. The jury trial starts on Feb. 11.

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