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Too Many Whites – Shred Gun Registrations

Too Many Whites – Shred Gun Registrations

Too white? That’s the complaint from Western Washington University President Bruce Shepard about his student body and professors.
Shepard says if they don’t increase the number of students of color on his campus, they will have failed as a university.
Just take a stroll down High Street through Western’s campus and you won’t see a lot of diversity — and Shepard wants that to change.
“How do we make sure in the years ahead we’re not as white as we are today,” said Shepard during a 2012 commencement speech.
A recent school-wide questionnaire put out in March at Western sought feedback from the students: “How do we make sure that in future years ‘we are not as white as we are today?’”
The question was released through the communications and marketing department’s daily newsletter Western Today.
“There are a lot of students here who are white and that’s just kind of how it is,” said freshman Thea Strand.
“I would be like the only black kid in the class,” said Ajane Burnley, a senior at WWU.
“Me personally, I don’t notice a lot of color,” said junior Tony Mendez.
Shepard has publicly sounded the alarm for years. He worries that a homogeneous student body will keep kids of color from applying at Western.

School president: Too many white faces among student body, staff

Shred Gun registrations

In an act of defiance, New York State gun owners came together in downtown Buffalo and shredded gun registration forms yesterday, on the day that the so called SAFE Act gun control legislation came into law.

The demonstrators had initially planned to burn the forms, an act previously carried out by Second Amendment supporters in Saratoga Springs last month. However, they were advised that open burning is illegal in Buffalo, so instead they decided to shred the forms, symbolic of how state lawmakers have shredded their Constitutional rights.
The bill requires all firearms deemed by the state to be “assault weapons” to be “grand fathered” into the law, that is registered, or permanently modified.

Critics note that the controversial law essentially redefines almost any semi-automatic weapon as an “assault weapon”. Guns with detachable magazines, a telescoping stock, or long guns with a pistol grip all now come under the description.

News station WIVB-TV captured footage of the protests in Buffalo, where demonstrators noted that “historically, registration has always led to confiscation.”

“We will not register our firearms, any firearms whatsoever,” one gun owner told reporters. Refusal to register such weapons could now lead to prosecution on a misdemeanor charge, with the possibility of a further felony charge for “illegal possession” of an “assault weapon.”
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New York State Gun Owners Shred Registration Forms On Deadline Day

Online Date Steals TV and Dog

A New Jersey man has returned the dog and flat-screen TV he stole on their first date.
Dover police reported the woman and man she met online went out for the first time Thursday night.
After returning home, the woman said she became occupied in another room, leaving the man alone. When she returned, he was gone — and so were her Yorkshire Terrier named Violet and her TV valued at $3,000. The woman says her dog was worth $4,000.

update Dog and TV found and returned

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