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No Tipping Allowed – Teachers Promote Homosexuality

No Tipping Allowed – Teachers Promote Homosexuality

If you’re in the Parksville area on Vancouver Island this week, why not stop in at the newly opened Smoke and Water restaurant, in the Pacific Shores Resort? Only don’t bother leaving a tip. They won’t take it.

The owner claims to be the first in Canada to adopt the no-tipping policy, and for all I know he’s right. Still, it’s a wonder why others have not, for simplicity’s sake if nothing else. Rather than leave it to patrons to puzzle over how much to add to the bill, the restaurant simply tacks on 18% automatically: the “service compris” model familiar to travellers on the continent. Servers who might otherwise be squabbling over their share of the tips to supplement their meagre wages are instead paid $20 to $24 an hour, twice what they’d be paid in many other places. It’s all just so … civilized. I say this is the future, and I say it can’t happen soon enough.

A ritual of cap-doffing class obeisance from another age (“there you are, boy, don’t spend it all in one place”), tipping should by rights have disappeared long ago. And yet the practice, far from subsiding, has begun to spread to other service industries. Where once you might have tipped your waiter or cab driver, you will now find people in any number of other fields hanging around expectantly, hoping for a little extra on top of the agreed-upon price — hair stylists, personal trainers, dog walkers, parking attendants, shoe shiners and so on.

Teachers Promote Homosexuality

Growing numbers of schools are introducing Section 28-style bans on promoting homosexuality in the classroom, delegates told the National Union of Teachers’ annual conference in Brighton today.
The controversial clause, introduced under the Thatcher Government, was repealed by Labour because it was widely seen as prompting anti-gay feelings in schools.

However, a motion before the conference said at least 46 schools – including a number of academies – had words similar to the previous legislation in their school policies.

Deborah Glynn, from St Helens, Lancashire, cited research by the British Humanist Association to the conference which, she said, showed that there are many schools bringing this wording back into their policies.

“[T]he gay rights movement is shifting norms in Canada. And with that comes a message to those who won’t evolve: your outdated morals are no longer acceptable, and we will teach your kids the new norms.” ~ Editorial, Oct. 20, 2011, in Vancouver Xtra, Canada’s Gay & Lesbian News[1]

Public educators and politicians in Canada and the United States are playing god and turning children into monsters. At least they’re trying to-and don’t accuse us of exaggerating until you’ve read this article.

The editorial writer in the homosexual newspaper is addressing her remarks to the Christian parents of Canada. It is your morals that are “no longer acceptable,” and your children who will be taught “new norms.” In public schools throughout Canada, this work has already begun.

We shall also show that the same campaign is planned, by homosexual activists and their allies in the teachers’ unions, for the children of Christians in the United States. Because the pace of these developments has accelerated so dramatically over the last year or two, we are unable to report on more than a few of the highlights (if that’s the word for it).

Replacing Christianity

What are these educators and politicians actually trying to do? We asked Father Alphonse De Valk in Ontario, the editor of Catholic Insight, if he could explain it. He can.

“They are trying to replace a whole way of life,” he said. “They are trying to replace Christianity.”


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