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Cop Repeatedly Beats Woman in the Head

Cop Repeatedly Beats Woman in the Head

“She could have died out there”

A new police brutality video shows a California Highway Patrol officer repeatedly beating a woman around the head as she lay flat on her back.
The video clip shows a woman walking away from the police officer before he grabs her, throws her to the ground and pummels her around the head and face eleven times. The incident happened on the Eastbound Interstate 10 Freeway near La Brea Avenue.

California Highway Patrol told NBC 4 that it, “Would be premature to comment on the video without reviewing the entire incident,” which suggests that authorities think there may be circumstances under which it is perfectly justifiable for a burly male police officer to beat a woman around the head almost a dozen times.

The man who shot the footage, David Diaz, said the woman appeared to be intoxicated or mentally ill.

“No one condones…when he gets on top of a woman, and this is a big officer, and he punches her repeatedly,” Diaz said, adding, “She could have died out there.”

Another eyewitness said that woman was “shoeless, terrified and did not pose a threat.”

The CHP has refused to release any information about the woman or the officer involved in the incident.

The woman should probably consider herself lucky if she avoids a charge of attempted murder. As William Norman Grigg explains, that’s precisely the situation facing Florida man Livingston Manners after he was dragged from his vehicle and thrown to the ground by Officer Ronald Cannella for running a stop light.

Manners disgracefully dared to defend himself as he was punched in the face and choked by Cannella.

Manners also faces the bizarre-sounding charge of “resisting without violence,” suggesting that the only way to avoid being deemed a felon under such circumstances is to allow a police officer to beat you into a bloody pulp without even raising your arms to shield your face.

“Citizens who aren’t killed in such encounters can expect to be punished for the impudence they display by surviving,” writes Grigg.

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