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Harper out of Touch? – Trudeau & Transparency

Harper out of Touch? – Trudeau & Transparency

Brian Lovig talks Harper, Trudeau and Alison Redford

The Conservative Party is out of touch with Canadians.’
That’s long been the rallying cry for the left in their attacks against the Harper government.
Well, now they have some evidence to back up that analysis.
According to a weekend report by the Canadian Press, Canadians’ top priorities don’t seem to mesh with the Harper Tories’ top priorities.
Members of focus groups consulted prior to the February budget had “little enthusiasm” for the proposed bitumen pipeline to the British Columbia coast — even those who said they support
the controversial project.
And among the 12 groups consulted — from Coquitlam, B.C., to Bridgewater, N.S. — the economy itself was not a top-of-mind concern.
Rather, the groups spontaneously raised education, health care, pensions and veterans as their key issues.

But does that mean the Tories going to change their campaign strategy and focus more on social issues?

Don’t bet on it, according to political consultant Marcel Wieder.

Trudeau & Transparency

The Harper government is chastising Justin Trudeau for stating he would scrap a new federal law that forces First Nations to disclose salary and other financial details online, calling the Liberal Leader’s position an affront to taxpayers.

Conservative Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt issued a statement Monday arguing that Mr. Trudeau is offside with First Nation community members who want this information disclosed.

Alison Redford

“Apologies have been made. The premier apologized for actions coming out of her office and for the issues around her trips. She apologized on behalf of herself, she apologized on behalf of government. And she resigned. I’m not sure what more of an apology you can get than that,” he said.

Redford’s resignation last month came in the midst of an outcry over expenses, including hefty remuneration and hotel expenses for staff, a $45,000 trip to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s memorial and the use of government aircraft for personal travel.

Since then, there has been outrage over the whopping severance packages paid to nine of Redford’s staffers under contracts approved by the premier and the revelation that her office had pushed for a premier’s suite in a government-owned building in Edmonton