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Liberal Thoughts – Indians & Animal Abuse

Brian Lovig discuses – Liberal Thoughts – Indians & Animal Abuse

It has often been said by (some) psychiatrists that “liberalism is a mental disorder.” In that regard have you ever noticed how liberals can hold two diametrically opposed views on the same topic at one and the same time? Their ability to not be able to recognize their own self-contradictions never fails to amaze.

Below are a few examples:


Pro-Abortion vs. Anti-Capital punishment. Liberals support the killing of late term babies who have committed no crime, while screaming “barbaric” at states that give the death sentence to hardened murderers.

Yes, the so-called “partial birth abortions” (where the infant actually survives the abortion, but is then disposed of before it can be “registered”) and late term abortions (where a 9-month old viable infant is killed by the doctor inserting an instrument into the womb to crush the baby’s skull prior to extracting the “dead” infant) are practices vehemently supported by Barrack Obama (based on his record) and his far-left liberal groupies. (And your tax dollars are now paying for this barbaric practice via Obamacare).

Liberals all love their electronic toys, their computers upon which they build their websites to promote their “social” causes, and their social networking sites for calling the masses out to protest and to “occupy” private properties. None of these products could have been created in a socialist economy. They were made possible by one thing and one thing only, and that is capitalism. There is no way Liberals could fight the capitalism they hate so much without the very tools that capitalism provides.


Muslims want to kill homosexuals. Yet, Liberals promote the homosexual agenda while at the same time promoting the Muslim agenda and the use of Shariah law in U.S. (and European) courts.

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There is no denying that the way animals are treated on Native reserves is the worst in BC, in fact in all of Canada, and unless this fact is addressed by the BC SPCA there will be no prevention of cruelty on reserves by the SPCA.

The SPCA has avoided the expense and time of addressing this huge problem by lying. It has said over and over to many people that it can’t go on a reserve without an invitation or permission. We even were told by a member of an SPCA’s Community Council just last month that her long-time SPCA manager told her this.

The lie is certainly effective. Not one person who has told AAS that they were told that lie by the SPCA, even by senior SPCA Constables, questioned the veracity of the excuse to do nothing. AAS is then contacted in despair and that is how we find out these stories of abuse that go on right in our neighbourhoods that are so shocking that most people can’t stomach hearing them.

The voices of reserve animals must be heard, but the SPCA is shutting them up when it says it can’t legally go on reserves to investigate a report of cruelty. The PCA Act covers every square inch of BC and does not except reserves. The SPCA can and does get paid to do dogcatching/disposal on a few reserves, but that is no help to the suffering dogs. It’s time for everyone to speak for reserve animals since the SPCA won’t.

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