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Frenemies – Anti Spam

Frenemies – Anti Spam

Brian Lovig talks
Frenemies, Anti Spam Laws, Liberals, Senate Begone

The enemy of your enemy is your… frenemy; and so it is across the Middle East as the WSJ notes the spread of The Islamic State has united many parties once at odds with each other to become ‘strange bedfellows’.
Strange Bedfellows
Parties that display friction or outright aggression toward one another are finding themselves aligned in a desire to counter Islamic State.
Groups of colored lines between parties represent shared interests.

Anti Spam

About Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

We are committed to reducing the harmful effects of spam and related threats to electronic commerce and are working towards a safer and more secure online marketplace.
Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (CASL) helps protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.
Understanding Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
What you should know about Canada’s new law and how to comply with it:

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