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John Tory – Water Not A Right

John Tory – Water Not A Right

Today Brian Lovig Talks John Tory , Water Rights, DC Concealed Carry

Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford took aim at John Tory’s resumé this morning, alleging that his opponent intentionally neglected to tell voters about his tenure on the board and audit committee of a U.S. telecommunications company that filed for creditor protection in 2009.
Ford accused Tory of failing to mention his eight years at Charter Communications on the biography posted on John Tory’s campaign website.
“It was one of the biggest bankruptcies in U.S. history and he’s not telling people about this,” said Ford. “Voters don’t know about his business record. He doesn’t want to bring it to the forefront.”
Ford’s allegations about omissions in Tory’s resume are the focus on a new video ad from the Ford campaign.
Minutes after Ford’s news conference, Tory held one of his own to announce an endorsement from Coun. Gary Crawford.
When asked about his time at Charter, Tory said “I would stack my resume against Doug Ford any day of the week.”

No Right To Water

Saying there is no such thing as a legal right to clean running water, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes dismissed a request from Detroit residents to impose a six-month moratorium on water shutoffs by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) on Monday.

The plaintiffs had argued last week that the DWSD shutoffs over delinquent water bills violated the human rights of impoverished citizens who had no ability to pay what the city says they owe, and who were left without access to clean water by the shutoff policy.

“There is no such right or law,” Rhodes said, according to the Detroit News. He also rejected the idea that citizens have a right to “service based on an ability to pay.”

Those remarks are notable because Rhodes didn’t even have to speak to the substance of the plaintiffs’ arguments. Bankruptcy law doesn’t give him the power to force the city to take the sort of action the plaintiffs requested, so Rhodes could have dismissed the request on simple procedural grounds.

DC Gun Law

D.C. gun owners could begin applying to carry concealed weapons within weeks under emergency legislation announced Wednesday in response to a federal judge’s ruling in July that the city’s firearms law was unconstitutional.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D), accompanied by public safety officials and D.C. Council leaders, remarked on the urgency of the situation at a news conference held to unveil the proposed regulations.

“The court’s actions require a swift and unified response,” Gray said at the news conference, adding that the emergency legislation — which includes permit and testing requirements — would “ensure the continued safety” of District residents.